Reflections Flotilla

Tomorrow we’ll be heading out onto the Thames with many other boats, both motor-powered and manpowered. Much of the day will be spent on the Tideway. The Thames barrier will be dropped at midday to hold the tide, even so we’ll still have some push upstream.

Motorised craft will loiter above Chelsea Bridge for a few hours before the flotilla will get into order. Oleanna will be on the northern side of the flotilla, Bleasdale the southern side and the narrowboat/widebeam section will be a little bit in front of Glorianna.

Timings for those wanting to come and watch are as follows.

  • 7pm | Chelsea Bridge
  • 7.10pm | Vauxhall Bridge
  • 7.30pm | Westminster Bridge
  • 7.50pm | Blackfriars Bridge
  • 8:05pm | London Bridge
  • 8:18pm | Tower Bridge

If you come and watch we really hope you enjoy the spectacle.

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    1. Pip Post author

      Thank you so much for the link. The photo of Glorianna head on is wonderful, as was the day. Its going to take me forever to go through my photos. I just hope I have some that are decent.

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