24hrs In Bricks And Mortar. 17th 18th April


A hazy morning

Easter Sunday, time for a trip to Scarborough. Our lodger from the last six weeks was moving out and new lodgers arriving on Monday, so we needed to do a turn around of the house and cut the grass etc. Before the dates for Thorne Lock changed we’d have still been in Yorkshire, so a much easier turnaround.

History on the side of a building

Tilly was left in charge of Oleanna with her magic food bowl and we filled the car boot up with a couple of buckets from our composting toilet to add to that which is already composting back at the house. Mick had managed to find the nearest car parking space to Oleanna so we’d only one lock to walk down with our stuff.

We retraced our route into Birmingham this time by road, it’s funny seeing things from higher up and knowing what lies beneath the concrete. A comfort break at Doncaster services, this is where we realised that we were missing out on Easter, we’d forgotten our Easter eggs, good job there was an M&S so we could get a treat each.

I can highly recommend the Salted Caramel Millionaire

Our route took us over the Aire and Calder Navigation, was that WB Lullabelle moored up before breach bend? Then over the Wolds the masses of daffodils just past their best but still a sight we were glad to have caught.

Zoe had left a couple of hours before we arrived, one lot of bedclothes whizzing around in the washing machine, soon to be followed by several other loads as she’d had family members to stay. Soon we had a knock on the door and were joined by Mick’s nephew Richard. He’d been up to see the show last night as he is an old friend of Zoes, a small world. We had chance for a catch up with a cuppa and hot paw bun before he needed to head for a train back south.

The rest of the day was taken over with chores. Washing, priming some woodwork I should have primed last year, dusting, ironing, cutting the grass, all things that needed doing. Very sadly our boat Christmas tree hasn’t done too well. Maybe we should have asked Zoe to water it, or maybe being a fulltime outdoor tree was too much for it. We’re thinking we might try and grown some Blackthorn in it’s place, we’ll see.

Fish and chips was the obvious choice for food, mostly as it wouldn’t require cooking or too much washing up. All washed down with a bottle of wine.


Monday we continued with the chores, more ironing, cleaning the showers, putting things back where we prefer them and giving the house a good hoover. Three beds were made up with fresh linen, keys exchanged with Andy next door ready for the next lodgers to collect later in the afternoon.

All ready

Sadly we discovered a problem with one of the boilers had returned that we’d had in the winter meaning there was plenty of hot water but not that much heat! Not so good when the whole house would be occupied soon. It being Easter weekend we wouldn’t be able to get a plumber out to fix it, so a journey back will be needed, hopefully timed when our lodgers are out at work.

By 1pm the car was loaded again, the iron and hoover put back in their cupboards. Only one job I’d have liked to have got done was not achieved, a coat of undercoat on the primer. That will have to be next time.

We called in at Morrisons for some food in their café. Jacket potatoes were available but no hot drinks!

The canal spanning factory

Then we were on our way back to Birmingham spotting the canals as we went. The factory over the canal near Salford Junction now empty and a touch derelict.

Easter at last

Tilly was happy to see us as we were her. We were also pleased to see our Easter Eggs which had been tucked away in a cupboard several weeks ago when we were in Thorne.

0 locks, 0 miles, 24 hours exactly in the house, 1 family out, 3 actors in, 1 pouch surprise, 1 troublesome boiler, 4 beds made up, 2 of each, 1 clean and tidy house, 1 cuddly Tilly, 2 eggs, 1 quieter pub tonight.

5 thoughts on “24hrs In Bricks And Mortar. 17th 18th April

  1. joamungoanddog

    Tilly wrote to us at Cats Protection complaining about being left .. something about ‘not enough ding ding’? I think if you double the amount, she may accept that!
    New blog host? Either that or it’s just a different font (or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me)!
    Hope your friend David is doing ok

    1. Pip

      Tilly protesting! A second helping of food would have been left, almost 95% certain of that, she watches her weight.
      Interesting you think things look different. I’ve not changed anything and not noticed any changes on the preview. I’ll have a look from a different browser.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s on the email that comes out .. a different font or size for sure. The blog on the web looks the same, just the email that comes out.

        1. Pip

          I think WordPress just does what it likes to the emails, we don’t get to set anything on them.

        2. Pip

          The look of the emails is different on different email clients. Thunderbird or instance looks different to the Windows email client. Maybe someone somewhere in Brazil rebooted a router that has now had an effect on NB Oleanna’s emails. I left the comms/it industry to get away from such things 🙂 Mick

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