One Down, One Up, Two Upside Down 25th March

Went Aqueduct to Bramwith Junction

A cruisier was moored behind us last night, they opened their curtains as we rolled up the pram cover, we wouldn’t be leap frogging the bridges along the New Junction Canal with them this morning. Then just as we were about to push off a paddleboarder approached. Sometimes these are quite fast, other times quite leisurely. We waited for them to pass, sadly they were quite slow and we’d have been better to go ahead.

New Junction about to push off

They paused on the aqueduct to take photos, so we were soon ahead, we’d not be playing leapfrog with them today either.

A gentle passtime

The sections where the bank has been relaxing look a touch more disturbing from the towpath. Cracks along the tarmac four foot away from the edge and in places the bank has given way. I made sure I kept my distance.

The light at Sykehouse Lock remained amber as we came through the swing bridge before it. Hooray! I’d get to work the lock at last, a bit of physical activity. However when I got there we’d been beaten to the lock by a boat coming downhill.

One coming down

Because it was on manual everything has to be done in the right order, key, road barriers, bridge, sluices, gates, sluices, gates, bridge, barriers, then and only then will your key of power be released. If they’d waited just a couple more minutes it could have been our key in the panel and then no-one would have had to wait to retrieve theirs. But as no-one was in a rush they didn’t mind waiting, time for a conversation.

One coming up

They very kindly offered to close up the bridge behind us for me. But I’ve been waiting the last few weeks to be able to do the bridge and lock having been deprived by there always being a Lockie on duty. The couple let me lift the handle and push the bridge back into position, closing the nearest barrier too. Then they could retrieve their key again.

Upside down swans

At Kirkhouse Green Lift Bridge a cyclist approached, I’d let them through. Then I spotted a car behind them, they went to over take whilst at the same time another car over took them, all just after a bend and just before the bridge. I pinned myself against the fencing having only just managed to cross the road! Everyone survived thankfully.

A different view of the Don Doors

Over the aqueduct and under the Don Doors for the last time, we went straight ahead on towards Barmby Dun. Here we filled with water and deposited our mountain of rubbish, the bins back in Goole have been overflowing for what seems like weeks now!

Wide calm water

Then we reversed back past the moored boats, winded and headed back to the junction where we pulled up in our preferred spot. Here we’ll get sunrises and sunsets.

Last stitch to be cast off

Today I finished off the seventh pair of socks, the heel being turned between the lock and the next lift bridge. I’ve another two pairs of requested socks to knit before the end of the month for my sponsors.

1 lock, 6.02 miles well maybe a touch more, 3 lift bridges, 3 swing bridges, 14 held up, 1 refusal, 2 overtaking, 2 winds, 1 full water tank, 0 rubbish left on board, 7 pairs, 8th started.

3 thoughts on “One Down, One Up, Two Upside Down 25th March

  1. Anonymous

    Trying to see 2 winds? Unless your facing back to Barmby Dun on mooring which I doubt as solar is right side of chimney. Ummmm.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      We did wind to moor at Bramwith, facing Barmby Dun.
      The sun in the morning does create a shadow with the chimney, then in the afternoon the panels are clear. When this happens other factors come into play. The hatch is on the towpath side, so it’s easier to empty ash from the stove into our ash can. But the main one is so that Tilly has another means of entering the boat without us having to get up to open a door. She doesn’t rule our lives, much!

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