A Glimmer of Hope. Breach 40, 7th April

Today David has had a more promising response from ABP.

I have had a call through from the Dock Master at ABP this morning. The information that I gathered from the call I have summarised.

The main challenge at the moment is replenishing water used by Ocean Lock. Operating the lock whilst being able to retain functionality of the dock, and enabling contingent use for emergency operation is a somewhat difficult balancing act.

There are some high tides predicted for next week and the port are expecting some particularly deep droughted commercial vessels. With a higher usage, this will hopefully give the opportunity to see how the pumps at the breach site contend with replenishing water levels in the dock.

Depending on how next week goes there will be further assessment regarding lock operations. The situation will be reviewed with the possibility of LIMITED use by Leisure craft. I stress the word limited.

ABP have suggested that the offer to help coordinate this would be well received by them. Hopefully this could at least give the opportunity for boaters who would otherwise be stuck here for a longer period of time, to leave Goole.

We should be mindful of how this message is disseminated. In the first instance, it is probable that a limited number of bookings will be considered, keeping the number of pens to a minimum. The danger is that the message could me misconstrued and assumptions made that operation is back to normal. This is highly unlikely to begin with. ABP have been very clear that this needs managing closely. The last thing they want is craft stranded on the river due to a snow ball affect of people expecting to use the lock as normal.

With the above in mind, I’d like to start to gather info regarding how many people would ideally like to pen through and the destination they would be heading for. If you could let me know by comment or DM that would be great.

I am awaiting a further update from the dock master in due course, and will of course update this page accordingly.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a season of cruising waters afar, following these testing times for everyone.


Well done to David. We’re keeping all our fingers and paws crossed. Any further information I get I will pass onwards.

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