All Moved. 15th March

Well Mick has had a very busy afternoon making sure everything moved over. This took more doing than he’d originally thought as he couldn’t just use a plug in to do it all for us, mostly because we’ve been skin flints and been on the most basic package, so to do this we’d have had to upgrade and pay more money!

Hopefully everything has moved over and other than changes we do to the appearance of the blog you shouldn’t notice anything different after a couple of days when the dust has settled and the internet catches up with us.

Apologies if you happened to look this afternoon and got a message, ‘Your connection is not private’ ‘Attackers might be trying to steal your information from’ This was because our security happened to go faulty just as we moved. It has all been sorted now.

Thank you Mick for all your hard work in moving us.

7 thoughts on “All Moved. 15th March

  1. Sandra Walsh

    Well done to Mick! I didn’t get any weird messages, just the last two posts. Fingers crossed all your gremlins have disappeared …

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