A Jab In The Dark, Breach 26. 2nd March

Email Update on 25/02/2021:

The breach site has now been dewatered to provide access for inspection and investigation works to be carried out and to allow repairs to commence. 

Until then we will continue to manage water levels.

Further updates will be provided when we have further informaiton.

Well one report by email a week ago, another from here and there and then the C&RT website gets an update.

Update 01/03/2021

The cofferdam has now been installed. Next week we expect to be able to dewater the site and carry out a fish rescue (while pumping water out, any fish trapped between the walls will be rescued and relocated back into the canal). Shortly after this, we will conduct our first detailed site investigation with our principal engineer, to assess the damage and decide on the repair programme to be undertaken. It will take several months for the repair programme to complete and will can share more details on timescales after the site inspection.

Not quite sure if this report is a week or so behind. Yesterday a local reported that the cofferdam was full again. Full as in up to the top? Or full to where it had naturally drained down to, as shown in the last photos? Quite unlikely to have filled all the way back up unless the cofferdam had given way, or the breach had been mended. It’s a bit like my version of 2 meters compared to someone elses!

Sadly no new photos to share that would help confirm such things. We shall wait for more information, but Ocean Lock in the docks is looking even more likely for our escape route.

One thing now ticked off the list, Mick has had his first jab. Hooray!! We’re wondering if we’ll have to return to Scarborough for our second jabs or will we be able to get them done elsewhere?

If we were still fulltime liveaboards we’d be able to go to the nearest GP surgery. Here is guidance from C&RT. Liveaboard Continuous Cruiser boater? Had your Covid-19 vaccine invite but not the actual appointment? Not had anything? Find your nearest GP and use this form http://ow.ly/sWb650DDnza to register with them. You are entitled to register, don’t accept no as an answer.


0 locks, 0 miles, 1 story here, 1 here, 1 more over here, 1st jab, 3 tests for my nephew, 9th March school return date, 1 mended camera, Act 1 and 2 drawn up, 4 options for the joust.