Overnight Improvements, Breach Part 7. 29th December

News came through this morning from Lisa that the level in the marina had risen by about 4 inches. Such good news. As I’ve mentioned before there is a lot of water needed to get the level back up to normal, so 4 inches must have meant things had improved at the breach site overnight.

Around about lunchtime Mark Penn posted more aerial photographs from the breach.

No diggers today

The large boulders have been backfilled. The tarpaulin has been put down along quite a length of the bank and is held in place by ropes you can see criss crossing the path to the hand rail.

Blue rope holding the tarp in place
Back filled to the shuttering

There is still water making its way through into the drain, but the level in the drain itself is far lower than in yesterdays photos.

This afternoon
Boxing Day

As it looked like nobody was on site today I suspect this is now the temporary fix. If the levels at the docks continue to rise there will be a lot of relieved boater owners. At one point today Mick noticed four ships in the docks, so ABP must be happier with the state of things too.

Another angle

C&RT in their last email said that they would be keeping this stretch closed until the 4th January. Now it will be up to the engineers to come up with a solution for a more permanent fix.

Straight on to Goole

Thank you Mark again for your photos.