Breach Part 3. 22nd December

News from Goole started to come through from Lisa around 10:30 this morning. All was good, well apart from it looking like the level had dropped some more. If it carries on we might take a plastic booster step with us to make the climb up and down off Oleanna easier.

Oleanna glinting in the morning sun, a little bit lower

A helicopter had been heard, presumably now the weather has improved it had been brought in to move bags of sand and stone at the breach site.

Mick came across this on the ITV website late morning. Sure enough the helicopter was working hard. Tonne bags of aggregate being positioned on the canal side of the breach. There is also a piece from an Environment Agency chap early this morning. They have started to pump water over the caisson stop gates into the docks to help keep the level up.

Reports from Lisa came with accompanying photos every now and then. Geoff has been walking round checking on ropes and making sure everything is fine. A couple of boats in the corner are still at jaunty angles, these will need to be watched when the level starts to come back up.

Sitting at an angle

By lunchtime we’d hoped to hear that the level was starting to rise, but sadly not. Al had made a gauge, from this he could see that the level had dropped another inch. Thinking about how much water has been lost from the pound is a bit mind blowing.

Still okay

From where Oleanna is moored it is 8.5 miles to Pollington Lock, the canal most certainly isn’t narrow and the depth is capable of carrying commercial boats. Then there is the 1.75miles of the New Junction Canal to Sykehouse Lock. Southfield Reservoir may only be shallow, but it and the docks covers quite a large area. With the level having dropped at least two foot, that is quite some water loss! This of course will take quite a bit of time to refill, thankfully from the River Aire and not just a reservoir.

Breach location

The docks are closed ABP having put out a notice to vessels saying there will be no penning in or out of the docks, due to water levels. Last night when we left we had a bit of a drive round and could see no ships.

Roof just about level with the pontoon

Last night on social media there were pictures of narrowboats listing in Goole Boathouse Marina. Many more boats are moored around the edges than in Viking, but it also looks like the marina is shallower, so easier for boats to end up sitting on the bottom.

Before the tiers were announced after lockdown 2 we’d been planning on at least a week onboard, giving all three of us some much needed canal time, even if we couldn’t travel far. But when Goole and the East Riding were put into tier 3 our plans had to change. Its a good job we no longer planned on going for a cruise. We have a hire car for a few days so hope to head back down to check things over ourselves, we deem this as essential travel, checking on our home in exceptional circumstances.

Thank you for the photos Lisa

0 locks, 0 miles, 7 updates, 1 helicopter, 1 tonne bags, 1 dining table ready, 2346836431578064.28 gallons of water lost, I may be exaggerating a little!

Photos curtesy of Lisa. Thank you

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  1. Dimitrios Theologitis

    What a terrible situation…
    We wish you all the best, try to forget from time to time and have a very merry Christmas — under the circumstances — and a better 2021…
    Dimitrios & Carine
    NB Galene

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