All The Signs Are Bad. 27th July

Gawflat Pipe Bridge

When the voice of Houdini wakes us all up it’s not a good sign. She tells them the time, ‘It’s time to get up, the time is….’ EARLY!! I haven’t finished my night time snoozes. She’s very rude that Houdini. Normally when she speaks that means there will be no pen game and they will be up and out of bed before I’ve had chance to warm toes up.


This morning Tom even went out before his dingding and left us girls to do jobs. She reached into the back of the bathroom cupboard, pulled out a bag and then the next bad sign, my magic food bowl.

Excited at first, because I like the way it flips open and TADAH!!!! my food is ready for me.

Magic food bowl

Tom came back from outside and said he’d got a white one and then had his morning dingding. Bags were pulled out and filled with things, other bags were pulled out and left empty.

Both compartments of my magic food bowl were filled with tasty morsels, they smelled nice. But then they were lifted out and a block of the coldest of coldness was put underneath them. This was the baddest sign of them all!

They were leaving me in charge. They were leaving me on my own. They were leaving me inside. Inside the steamy boat, it was wet outside. They were leaving me for two late dingdings!

She wanted to give me stroke, but I turned my back. NO head nudge for her!! If they think I don’t know what’s going on!

Bye then!!!

Well I do!!!!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 white one, 3 bags of stuff, 1 bag of bags, 2 many bad signs, 1 cat home alone, sitting in the window pleading with people to let me out to find friends.