The Power Of Mascara. 7th June

Lockdown Mooring 6 to Lockdown Pickup Mooring

It appears that something has happened to boat engines during lockdown, tick over is hard to achieve anymore! Boats come rushing past, some keeping to a constant speed, others then increasing their revs after they have passed. This of course is what should happen, but not cranking it up to warp speed! Maybe this is the new normal on the cut.

Last nights mooring

Tilly was allowed plenty of shore leave this morning, she chose to return a touch earlier than suggested, for a good bath and midday snooze, which meant her leave was curtailed a touch. She and I watched the remaining hour and a half of Metropolis.

Pure evil black eyes

It’s amazing what eye liner and mascara do to ones physical and mental self. Blimey the Machine Maria with all her hip gyrating totally hypnotised the wealthy surface dwelling men. She also convinced the subterranean workers to stop their work on the machine that held the world together, flooding their world necessitating the none black eyed Maria to rescue their children from the rising waters. All very dramatic.

How Deco can you get

After lunch we decided to push off and return to Henhull Bridge. We pootled up to the winding hole below Hack Green Locks, said our Goodbyes to this end of the pound, winded and headed back towards Nantwich.

Bye bye Locks

Here we waved to NB Islonian, wonder where our bows will cross next? Across the aqueduct the Hippie Boat was in full trading mode today. As we reached the water point another boat was just finishing off so we loitered mid cut for them to push off engaging warp drive again.

No chance of beating a warp speed boat to the bridge

Water tank filled, the plants watered, rubbish including a very soggy jumper that had been floating past ‘Home’ the other day headed for the skips and Tilly’s pooh box had a good wash and refresh.

Bye bye

We pushed off, saying farewell to Nantwich embankment and services for the last time. Here’s hoping that the next time we visit circumstances will be better, after all this is where we were for the Beast from the East, maybe Nantwich should be avoided from now on!

To the services for one last time

Back at Henhull Bridge we pulled in, tyres and mooring spikes at the ready. The last few days of rain hadn’t swollen the ground, hidding the holes for our spikes, they slid back in with ease, just a little tap required.

The last fill up

We’ll be here until our veg and fruit arrives in the morning. Then we’ll bid farewell to this stretch of the Shropie and continue our way northwards.

Bye bye Sooty, Sweep and Sue

0 locks, 4.12 miles, 1 wind, 3 hours shore leave, 5mph, 1 full water tank, 0 rubbish, 1 clean and fresh pooh box, 1 very sodden jumper, 1 final farewell to Nantwich, 2 holes ready and waiting, 2 Marias, 1984 final scene only.