Cover Cat. July Edition


On the cover of a magazine

Am I the first cat to appear on the front cover of Canal Boat Magazine?

Up on the roof

After a little research this morning I believe I am. Here’s a bigger version of the photo from the cover.


For those who are new to our blog and have come seeking to find out more about me (lets face it, why else would you Google Oleanna!) I am the second mate. The article in the magazine omitted this vital bit of information AND didn’t even tell you my name! So let me introduce myself I am Tilly.

I’m in there somewhere. This is our boat that IS by the way.

I live with Tom and She and I write this blog. Tom used to occasionally write a bit, but he’d rather just read it now. The three of us live on Oleanna, they spend their days moving the outside whilst I lounge around inside conserving my energy before heading out to find friends and climb trees. Rather a good life.

I should just point out that I rarely sit on the roof when they move the outside. This occasionally happens and I have to wear my harness, which I hate after about five minutes. She keeps a tight hold of the lead too so that I can’t jump off. I quite like it up on the roof, but then someone steals the sky. I really don’t like this but they don’t seem too bothered.

On my cat walk

Although I only look like a young cat I am an old paw at this boating lark. I have lived on our boat for over three years, it’s just about all I have known. I keep my figure trim with all the tree climbing I do.

A box full of poisonous toys

She keeps spending her days making little tiny things at the moment. Apparently they are all poisonous, especially the little stools which look like they’d be great fun to play with! I’ve tried but She gets very noisy. This does though tend to mean that they don’t move the outside as much, so I can go off and explore for hours on my own!

I’m just checking the outside

Stone outside is quite good, lots of trees and friendly cover. The Magpies say hello to me lots. There are just a few too many woofers though for it to get awarded a Mrs Tilly stamp of approval. I think there should be a map produced of all my approved sites, I of course would have to have my photo on the cover. Maybe I’ll have a word with Paul next time I see him.

Zonked Tilly

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 Saturday newspaper, 2 hours given, 7 hours taken, 1 model just about finished, 1 car left to sort out, 15 Dreamies, 1 front cover, 1 article, 1 head far too big, 1 totally zonked out cat.

9 thoughts on “Cover Cat. July Edition

  1. joamungoanddog

    Oh cripes Tilly, will we need payment in Dreamies for autographs now? Mungo and Dog want to be your agents (apparently this gives them a 10% share of the Dreamies)!

    1. pipandmick Post author

      The Dreamies supply is currently running very low on board! I knew I should have charged for those photos at Great Haywood yesterday. 10%!!! Think I should manage myself, then I’ll get the extra 10%.
      Meow to Minho and Dog

      1. joamungoanddog

        Ask ‘she’ where Mungo and Dog can send Dreamies to – they have some spare that they’re willing to share with you (once only apparently!) London no good really, so maybe a post office that does that fancy thing that nobody seems to know about when you get there!

          1. joamungoanddog

            Thanks Tilly! We go away this Saturday for a week so tell her to think quick!

  2. Paul (from Waterway Routes)

    Tilly: It looks like your head has become too large for the circle on the front cover and it’s sticking out the top. Please don’t get too famous or you won’t fit under the bridges.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Don’t worry Paul she’s been out in the long soggy grass hunting today, muddy paw prints everywhere! Feline service returned to normal.

  3. Lucy Neatby

    Congratulations Tilly, recognition of your nautical service is spreading across the globe. You may be interested in the memoirs of an earlier famous feline, a fellow writer and adventurer, and an invaluable member of the Shackleton expedition, Mrs. Chippy’s Last Expedition. (A word of warning though; the ending is not entirely happy although there were sardines involved). However, Mrs. Chippy’s narrative style is very pleasing, as is yours.

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