A Work Day Means Cat Freedom. 29th March


There is quite a bit of foot fall along the canal here, but the advantage of our mooring is that the towpath is set back and a little bit lower than the canal. There may be many a cyclist and dog walker down there but very very few actually come right past the boat. A nice mooring. 
Christmas tree going bonkers, but will it still fit inside this year?!

The doors were opened this morning for Tilly, the time limit today 8 and 3/4 hours. I like it when She works! I like it when it’s sunny too. 

Todays office

With the sun out we made the most of being near water points and did a load of washing, hoping it would dry on the whirligig (still a touch damp at the end of the day). I sat out and had a second read through of panto, making notes as I went along and working out what each scene would need. There is one scene still to be finalised which I suspect will be the busiest for props. Hopefully I’ll find out next week. 
Now with a list of scenes I’ll start to work out how much space is needed for them. The usual way things work in Panto is that you have a front cloth scene whilst the next set is being set up behind it and you tend to go back and forth, occasionally with another cloth part way up the stage to give you more options. The lack of flying at Chipping Norton restricts what you can do, a long with the stage being really quite small. But I now have a vague plan in my head ready for my meeting. Just need to get some reference images together.
Mick spent a lot of the day working on the new blog. We need to find a theme that I like and at the moment just about everything is available but over two themes. Neither of us are any good at code, so we need to find one that exists and doesn’t need too much fiddling with. Still work in progress. 
An hour working on my illustrations ended my work day, followed by a hunt for Tilly. 
Just had to check on them before disappearing again
What a great day! There is a little canal here as well as the big one. A handy sideways tree to cross over to the other side where there is a big field with plenty of grass to pounce in. I found some bunny friends who kept me occupied for much of the day. I’ve a long list of the things to do tomorrow.

Still sludge

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 load washing, 1 Christmas tree loving the sun, 9.25 hours, 1 cat who needs to learn how to tell the time again! 1 boat moving, 12 scenes, 1 not sorted yet, 2nd none existent, 0 boats, 1 car possibly, 3rd day and not convinced, 0 lemon puffs left, time to move on in the morning.