Hanging Around For Freya. 3rd March

Sykehouse Junction

NORF view this morning

By the time we went to bed last night the pre Freya storm had passed over us and we all managed a very good nights sleep. Once we were up and dressed the rules were read, then back door opened and Tilly was allowed to come and go as she liked all day.

Trying to pounce in the blowyness was really quite hard. Were there so many friends in the friendly cover or was it just blowy? I tried several times but found nobody to play with. It kept me busy anyway and helped blow away the spiderless cobwebs.

Tucking in

With no plans of going anywhere due to Freya’s imminent arrival we had a leisurely cooked breakfast and then settled down for the day.
I wove the ends in on my knitting commission whilst we watched the second half of Prime Suspect 1. Mick had never seen it before. Other than it’s 1990’s style (with everyone talking in and out of shot) and slight graininess we enjoyed it. I’d remembered the ending from when it was originally broadcast, but had forgotten all the build up to Helen Mirren solving the case. Just about every face in it was familiar from TV, even Gareth Tudor Price, the old Artistic Director of Hull Truck, had a small part as a forensic chap, he had his long hair back then too! We’re now looking forward to the other cases.
As the day progressed a constant drizzle started, gradually building to proper rain by the evening. We still wondered where the full force of Freya was. 
Good job I bought some more pins in Doncaster

I stripped down our bed to pin out my knitting so as to be able to block it. This evens out the stitches and gives a more professional look. My only worry was would it be dry by the time we wanted to go to bed! 
A tension square I’d knitted yesterday was used to work out a new sock pattern for wool I’ve not used before. I’m going to knit myself a pair to check I’ve got it right before playing around with patterns and colours for my Etsy shop.


The lamb shanks were seared and put on the stove top to gradually simmer away the afternoon in a tomato and red wine sauce. If I do them again they’ll go on the stove in the morning, they were cooked, but could have done with a little while longer to get the meat to fall off the bones.
From facebook boating groups we could see that Freya was on her way by the comments and by 8pm she made sure we knew that she had arrived. Our mooring certainly couldn’t be classed as sheltered, but very few places around here are. Tied up as best we could with fenders out to cushion the biffing we still bobbed around, at least there are no trees to worry us. The sound on the TV needed turning up so that we could hear Endeavor. Here’s hoping Freya doesn’t hang about all night.
0 locks, 0 miles, 24 steps, 1 quiet night, 8 hours! 0 friends, 2 blowy, 4 wet paws, 1 blanket completed, 1 Prime Suspect, 127 pins, 2 irons, 2 shanks, 29sts, 39rows, 1 delayed start, 1 noisy puffy blowy Freya, 1 TV re-tuned to East Yorkshire.

For those wishing to see more than just a breakfast from yesterdays post here are the photos.

The Wasp in 2014

Houdini 13 and hungry for flesh!