In The Picture … Again … Hopefully With Pictures! 24th January

Sainsburys …. still!

Today we’ve had a visitor, Izzy, who’d been taking photos of Oleanna last Saturday when we returned from our walk.

Izzy is studying Photography and Video at De Montfort University in Leicester, she is in her final year and working on her Major Project based around ‘canal life’. After we’d met at the weekend she got in touch with us via the blog and we arranged to meet up for her to take more photos and hear about our life on the boat and canals.

She was with us for a good couple of hours, we chatted through all sorts to do with our life on board, how we came to be on Oleanna, where we’ve travelled, day to day stuff and so on. This of course put us all at ease before she started to take some photos. When I say some, it was quite a lot, but we all know to get that one good photo you need to take several so it was fine. Photos inside, photos of us doing things (well posed really), standing outside being proud owners of Oleanna. Even Tilly got to have her photo taken I wasn’t too sure about it, her camera made funny noises!

Then Izzy recorded us talking about our life on the canal. Tilly managed to pay a visit to her pooh box whilst this was happening (a noisy affair) and then wanted to go out, I asked nicely, so she’s been recorded too.

There was plenty we forgot to talk about, even though we had questions in front of us, where our favourite places are (top of Bank Newton locks on the curly wurly, Tixall Wide,Bugsworth Basin, there’s plenty). We mostly talked about winter life, and forgot to mention long summer days sitting on the towpath having barbeques till late at night, listening to the owls and being close to nature, the history, the landscapes. Well we are in sitting by the stove and keeping cosy mode at the moment. Those sunny days will be back.

Izzy has visited several other boaters and her major project will consist of photographs and the recordings from us all, a documentary. We’ve promised to let her know if we’ll be somewhere picturesque where she can join us again to get action shots, hopefully in the sunshine. The tidal Trent isn’t one of those places and it’s likely to be a grey day when we travel downstream so we’ll have to think about other places.

We wish her all the very best and hope that her project comes together well.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 big posh camera, 4731 photos, 2 photos of the photographer, 2 boaters who managed to talk toilets (there’s a surprise!), 1 cat who demonstrated hers, 2 boaters kept occupied for the day, 1 camera fully dusted and working again, Hooray! 1 annoying wool order on the way, but is it coming from the US or England?

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7 thoughts on “In The Picture … Again … Hopefully With Pictures! 24th January

  1. Pip and Mick

    Thank you. Hooray!!!I have no idea what the secret is. All I've done with this post is copy it to a new one, reload the photos and upload it and publish in real time, not scheduled as the original one was. I'll try doing this for a few days and see if it keeps working.Fingers crossed X

  2. Paul (from Waterway Routes)

    When I visited this page a few minutes ago I could see the photos but when I pressed \”Refresh\” the photos disappeared.I suspect they were temporarily available earlier and my browser had cached them so I could still see them until I refreshed the page.

  3. Steve-the-Wargamer

    Same here.. no pictures… cleared cache and retried still not there.. your pictures are coming up with address. on blogger when I post pictures mine come up with a address… that may help?

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