Turning At The Turn. 26th December

Chambers Bridge 100, Oxford Canal to Butchers Bridge 1, Grand Union Canal

Boxing Day tree

No rush this morning, Tilly got an hour of freedom before we wanted to push off, she most probably just wanted to tidy up the towpath from her Christmas day spree. Boats started coming past early, the crews all wrapped up. By the time we started to move the world had warmed up a touch, so quite so many layers weren’t needed.

Turn straight ahead

We pootled our way under grey skies for just over a mile towards Braunston Turn. Then took the right folk to head into Braunston.

Left or right?Right

There was plenty of space as we came past the pub and under the bridge that we’ve been driving over this last week. We hoped this would bode well for our preferred mooring further along.


Despite our water tank having been filled at Napton we’d used quite a lot of it already so we paused at the Stop House to fill the tank and empty the rubbish. From here we could see there was plenty of space so we passed the entrance to the marina and pulled in just before Butcher’s Bridge. Here there is easier access up into the village, a short reverse back to wind, around half way between the two chandlers, a little bit further away from the road and a slightly wider towpath (admittedly a touch muddy at the moment). Tilly quite likes it here as there are trees to keep her busy despite there only being a narrow strip of land between us and the marina. They think I stay near the boat, but across the bridge there are huge fields to play in for hours! I just have to find the right moment to cross over the bridge without woofers.

Braunston Marina

Living on a boat means space is limited. We’ve been putting up with presents taking over half of the dinette for the last couple of weeks, but now they are all opened homes need to be found for their contents. Father Christmas having visited means that there is now more space in cupboards in the bedroom, so clothes could all now go away. So for much of the afternoon we spent having a good tidy up, the floors even got a wash!

Now there is space for more than two of us on board. Maybe we should have some visitors.

DSCF7114sm0 locks, 1.81 miles, 1 right, 1 hour at morning dingding, 2.5 hours before evening dingding, 12 moving boats, 1 dinette capable of seating 6, 1 tidy boat, 1 clean floor, 1 muddy towpath, 4 muddy paws!