The Back Steps Have Got A Bit Higher. 25th November

Thrupp to Shipton Bridge 220

I was a very lucky cat today the shopping arrived half an hour early! Well I’d actually arranged this whilst they were out yesterday. However when a big orange van turns up I always get shut in the bedroom. This is so unfair as I could help direct him to us and not get in the way at all! But no I get closed in.

Today it took ages for the man to get to us. He and Tom chatted for ages and ages before he even got hold of any of the big trays. Eventually Tom carried over the first few and I could hear her putting things away. She’d had a good sweep round this morning, getting rid of lots of stuff to make room for all the things they had ordered.

Once the trays were empty and the man had gone I was allowed back out. Running around shouting always works when I want them to do things faster, so they were soon ready to move the outside again.

Wine cellar full again

First I had to inspect where she’d put everything. Apart from my pooh box stuff (they use it now too in their pooh bucket!) it all seemed to have been put under the back steps, I think they are a little bit higher than normal now. She wants me to point out to you all that there are far more things than just wine down there. Infact quite a bit of it looks to be for my dingding.

Tom untying the outside

They were soon wearing their coats and ready to move the outside again. I sat in the window and made sure they untied this outside and let it go, it’s not a very good one and I was hoping another one would come by and be much better. She walked off with the key of power leaving Tom to push the outside away.

The key of power had a problem with the bridge. It only opened it up by three paws worth, nowhere near enough for Oleanna to get through. So she shut it waited a minute and tried again. It worked this time and Tom was soon bringing the outside near again. This one looked quite good, a bench for me to leave my scent on, a wall with sideways trees up it to climb. However they filled up the tank at the front until it boomed, left lots of rubbish and emptied the yellow water too. Oleanna seemed to be a bit more level now, she’d got a bit bottom heavy after the shopping had arrived!

Snoopy or Mutley?Hopefully all will be

They then moved the outside again, not far, but apparently just far enough. Shore leave! At last!!

Her current woolly thing

Except this outside had a lot of people walking in it. They kept scaring any potential friends away. So in the end I gave up and came back inside to sit by the fire. She’ll join me in a bit with her woolly things that I’m apparently too old to play with now as I’m a grown up cat. Growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

0 locks, 0.49 miles, 1 lift bridge, 3 paws high, 1 Oleanna high, 6 trays, 6 boxes of wine, 2 boxes dingding, 1 bag dingding, 1 full water tank, 1 empty wee tank, 0 rubbish, 20 minutes instead of 60 taken, 40 on account.