Pancakes And Valentines 14th February


A couple of deliveries had arrived overnight on Oleanna. A card and a box of chocolates had been left in the pram cover and in the cratch there were two cards, a box of chocolates and three cream eggs! Mick got the cards and goodies from the cratch and I got the ones from the pram (who was his other card from?!). My box of chocolates was bigger than the one Mick received, however the card I got had no xxx’s in it! Mick says that he doesn’t know anything about it as the card isn’t from him! But if that’s the case he didn’t send me a Valentines Day card! Not sure which is worse.

Pancakes in the making

As we’d had visitors yesterday we made a management decision to postpone Pancake Day and have a Pancake Wednesday. We are aware that today we are meant to give things up for lent, but as we never do, eating pancakes wouldn’t matter. So this morning we started the day with some Blueberry American style pancakes. Recently I’ve been using gluten free flour more and more, so far simply swapping it for normal flour in recipes has worked, however today I ended up with an extremely runny batter and ended up having to add more flour. Later looking at recipes I’ve noticed that they tend to have a lot more flour in them than with a normal pancake batter. They were tasty, but not as good as they could have been.

The weather today has been extremely windy, so no going anywhere by boat. As the forecast for the day was really rather miserable we decided to catch a bus out to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet for a day out, we know how to live!


Half an hour on the bus and we arrived at the side of the Outlet. Here there are numerous eateries that look like they have just been dumped in the car park of Vue Cinema. We resisted their offerings and headed straight indoors to the cinema. Showing on screen 5 was The Post, starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep directed by Stephen Spielberg. Set in the early 70’s it recounts the true story of The Washington Post journalists and their attempts to publish the Pentagon Papers, classified documents regarding the 30-year involvement of the US government in the Vietnam War. The story predates the Watergate Scandal. A very wordy film, but well worth the listening, we’d both now like to watch ‘All the President’s Men’ again.

A bite to eat was next on the cards, we started to look round the Outlet and eventually managed to get served in Costa, everywhere seemed to be vastly understaffed today.

Geography not a strong point round here

There were a few things that were on my list to find. Firstly a new pair of jeans. M&S came up trumps and provided me with a pair that will fit me and not have space for half my legs again. Then a good look around Joules for some wellies that would fit my chubby calve muscles. There were none that I fancied, although the glow in the dark kids ones were pretty good, I at least know what size now to order.

Next was the main reason for our trip, Whittards. Every morning I have a cup of their Afternoon Tea, it used to be called Pelham Tea. Whittards are not as common as I used to think when I had a car, so when ever we are near to a branch I have to stock up, especially when it’s at a Designer Outlet, it’s cheaper. I’m also on the hunt for some loose leaf decaf tea, this is much harder to find than you would think, most manufacturers only produce decaf in tea bags. We are in the process of switching over from using tea bags due to their plastic content. After my first cuppa of the day I then only drink decaf. Whittards do normally stock one, but currently they are out of stock until the spring. My hunt will continue.

Shelves and shelves of chocolate

Our walk back towards the bus meant that we passed the Cadburys shop. The purple branding always pulls us in, but we were very good leaving through the door with only a bag of Mis-shapes.

This evening we have had savoury pancakes for tea, stuffed with chicken in a tomato sauce topped with a cheesy one baked in the oven. On cue our gas bottle ran out shortly after they went in the oven. We’ve been waiting for this to happen as we’ve just seen a coal boat! Sadly there was only enough batter left for one sweet pancake each. Gluten free pancakes are not quite the same, good job we’ve both got plenty of chocolate to keep us going.

We seem to have bought a cat too

0 locks, 0 miles, 7 blueberry pancakes each, 2 buses, 3 cards, 14 x’s for Mick, 0 x’s for me! 3 cream eggs, 2 boxes of chocs, 14 watching the film, 1 option for lunch, 16! 4 packets of tea, 750grams misshapes, 2 boxes of wine, 2 savoury pancakes each, 1 sweet pancake each, 1 more day of this boring Chester place!