A Ripping Day. 5th October


Mick hopped on a bike this morning to go down to the moorings below the locks in Stone to see if there were any spaces. There were, but it was really quite windy, so we decided to stay put at the top.

P1150093smThe Food and Drink Festival starts tomorrow and even though it doesn’t go on late the moorings at that end of the town may be just a bit too public. Tilly was allowed out, but she chose to stay indoors for much of the day, she really doesn’t like it when it’s windy.

P1150079smI have spent much of the day ripping up more sheeting for some more bags. It takes forever to rip, twist and wind my home made yarn and then a few hours on an evening to use it all up. But hopefully I’ve now got enough for the next bag. A few boats have passed us today, but most have pulled up and moored to take shelter from the gusts of wind.

P1150090smA walk into town for a bag of salad has broken the day up a bit. We have paid in advance for tickets to the festival saving 70p each! So tomorrow we’ll go and see what it is all about and make the most of our entrance fee. Saturday there is a Farmers Market in the main street which will be worth a look at, then we shall move down the locks and out into the countryside. Bagnall Lock looks like it is being manned by volunteers for a few hours a day, so we may not get held up for long.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 bike ride, 2 blowy!!!! 1 rain shower, 1 bag salad, 3 colours ripped and ready, 1 mackerel and potato bake bubbling in the oven.