Two And Twenty Four. 1st October

Red Bull

P1140835smToday was a very very good day. They only moved the outside a little tiny bit after the boat in front had moved off, this was something to do with being nearer the tap. The stove was warmed up and as they settled down to a cooked breakfast the back doors were opened up and I was given the morning to explore. There was still plenty to see, pounce on, climb, smell and scratch. Whenever I came home I was allowed a few treats, today though they weren’t Dreeeamieess, today they came from a pot with ears just like mine. They were very tasty, so I made sure I came home often to get some more.  If this is what Birthdays are like then I’d like to have one every day please.

P1140860smbP1140864smWhilst Tilly spent much of the day outside we celebrated her 2nd (or is it 24th?) birthday by having a cooked breakfast. A walk up to Tescos got us out, mainly so that we could get a green vegetable to go with our roast this evening and buy the Birthday Girl a present. There wasn’t much to chose from, but three new brightly coloured mice were rolled on, licked and killed before Tilly was back out reducing Red Bull of their real mice population.

P1140845smWe had been expecting a storm today, but it never seemed to arrive. Not much rain and only a couple of gusts of wind that might have caused difficulty moving a boat. Maybe we had found a sheltered spot and a few miles further north it was blowing a hoolie! But with shopping arriving in the morning we weren’t going to move anywhere.

P1140867smMick didn’t bother getting his waders out. Even though the towpath is on the right side to check out the bow thruster tube the bank side is very high. When we arrived there was getting on for a two foot height difference between the orange water and the towpath, far too high to be able to get out. The levels on this pound fluctuate quite greatly. This morning we could open our hatch, but by mid afternoon the level was two foot lower again.

P1140870smOur bedding has all been washed and then dried in the service block here. The tumble dryer was very efficient as it only took one go to get everything dry. I finished off my second pair of socks and then started to rip up more sheeting for the next bag creation.

0 locks, 60 ft, 2 or is it 24 year old second mate, 8 hours! 4 lots of treats!, 1 girl mouse, 1 boy mouse, 1 transgender mouse, 1 load washing, 2 pairs complete socks, 3 colours ripped and ready, 2 deep for waders, 2 ears fresh corn, 0 taste! 3 monthly wormer and flea postponed til tomorrow.