Shhhhhhh. 25th September

Dunham Massey to Shhhhh!
P1140434smCan’t tell you much about today as they’d hear me. Without knowing what the secret milk shake flavour is today, well…
But what I can say is
After a few chores and an important phone call this morning we pushed off. A very grey day which made you want to wear a coat, yet it was fooling us as it was really quite muggy.
P1140408smP1140410smI wanted a Post Office and was surprised to find that there wasn’t one in Lymm, the nearest was a mile or so away, however we stopped outside Sooty’s house for some lunch. A much better situated Post Office was ahead, we’d just have to get there before the counter closed. As we pulled away there was only one boat on the moorings (it’s usually chocka) and then one around the corner tied to a tree. Really hope they moved on before it got dark as the rope was just at neck height!
P1140419smA group of kids in uniform were walking along the off side near Stockton Heath, one called out to us, “Beep the horn!” It was a very familiar voice from when we’d been heading north. I obliged but only the once this time!
P1140430smThe clock was ticking, but we made it to Moore by about 4.30pm where this must be the closest Post Office to the cut in the country. Twenty paces and I was stood at the counter getting my parcel weighed. It is also a village store which supplied us with some milk and plastic bread. It looked like earlier in the day there would have been more fresh veg and maybe a fresh loaf or two on offer. My parcel was on it’s way to Hebden Bridge, hope Julia likes what’s in  it.
P1140431smUnder a couple more bridges and we decided to stop for the day, in full view of the tower at Daresbury Science Park. I was allowed an hour, but I could just sense people watching me. So I didn’t venture far, staying within the shadow of the boat. They kept going on about handshakes and milk shakes and whispering, weirdos!
DSCF7114sm0 locks, 10.87 miles, 1 empty yellow water tank, 16th start, 1st rent since May! 1 boat moored like a t**t, 0 sooty, 0 sweep, £975,000 for a mooring and 6 bedrooms, 1 beep, 20 paces, 1 parcel posted, 3 months, 1 shhhhh mooring, 0 snoring tonight.