Invited For Tea. 7th September

Garstang to Bilsborrow

P1130069smToday being Thursday it was market day in Garstang. Before continuing our journey southwards we decided to have a look round. Taking over much of High Street the buses get diverted on market days. There is the usual mix of sweets, slippers and cheap diy bits and bobs (Newark still wins at this). We walked from one end to the other checking out each stall.

P1130064smAs we got near to the end a very cheery Hilary McGrath came past. She is the Town Crier and had her full costume on. An invite to join her for a cuppa and a slice of cake around the corner was handed to us. This was very nice of her, but after a few purchases we wanted to head back to Oleanna and be on our way. So next time we are here we might take her up on her offer.

P1130077smP1130083smP1130089smWith socks, insoles, baseball cap, hose and a pork pie in our bag we headed back just as the drizzle was getting slightly heavier. We could have waited to see if it abated, but decided to head off after donning full waterproofs. Blackbird pulled out behind us and both boats waved goodbye to Garstang. The rain kept coming, mostly drizzle as we wound our way out of town disturbing Harry the Heron time and time again.

P1130106smP1130113smA lonely cow and it’s very new born calf watched as we passed. Only one boat heading the other way today and luckily we met the speeding widebeam on a wide stretch. Passing Barton Grange Marina the new buildings have come on a long way since we passed a month ago. We spotted The Margaret Kane, the charity boat Roger skippers tucked away in a corner. Families with additional needs can hire the boat for short breaks at a minimum cost.

P1130122smSoon the long line of visitor moorings at Bilsborrow came into view. We pulled over to the services to top up and empty tanks. With this done we pushed over and pulled in behind Blackbird. With no reasonable moorings we could think of before Preston, this will be our last stop, leaving about ten miles to do tomorrow. With the pram cover up we have nestled down inside as the heavens have opened time and time again. As Bridget said, a duvet day. The radio has been on with Test Match Special whilst Tilly has been out loving getting wet. Here’s hoping the sky runs out of rain by Saturday.

DSCF7114sm0 locks, 4.8 miles, 12 pairs socks, £5, 1 pair thermal insoles, 75ft hose, 1 hand bell, 1 tricorne, 2 full sets of waterproofs, 1 tank full, 1 tank empty, 1 very wet afternoon, 1 brilliantly wet Himalayan Balsam forest to find friends in.