Wash Day. 1st September

Glasson Basin

P1120751smWhilst eating breakfast this morning I could hear the familiar sound of a lock being operated. Leaning out of the side hatch I could see the mast of a boat in the lock, it was high tide. It took quite sometime for the boat to be brought up to the level of the basin before the gates could be wound open. All the time the swing bridge had been closed to traffic as it sits right over the lock, so after the two boats exited I waited to count how many cars had been held up. A grand total of two bikes! It was closed for at least ten minutes, but then there is another way round.

P1120757smAs we had free power, still don’t know how much, we decided to get on with emptying the dirty linen drawer. Washing machine on and the doors open so that Tilly could come and go at will, which wasn’t much. It’s boring here! Can’t believe that you think it’s a good place. Mick got on with chores whilst I got on with some work, knitting, earning a bit for the beer fund.

After lunch we met up with Bridget, Storm and Max and headed off for a walk to find some views. At the end of Tithebarn Hill was a viewing point, with views in every direction. From here we could see back to Lancaster and the memorial, Helvellyn in the Lake District and just make out Blackpool Tower to the south of us.

P1120793smP1120801smWe then took a circular route which first took us closer to the River Lune. The tide had gone out and the now familiar sight of marsh land and mud flats lay below us down to what water there was. In the distance we could see out to sea. A ship waited for a ferry to come past before making it’s way towards Heysham behind the next headland. Numerous wind turbines filled the horizon whilst in the foreground a small light house and buoys marked the channel of the Lune.

P1120781smPlover Scar Lighthouse, or Abbey Lighthouse, is a 19th Century lighthouse which marks the entrance to the Lune Estuary. It was built as the lower light of a pair of leading lights. The rear or High light once stood next to the Abbey Lighthouse cottage on Slack Lane it was originally a wooden tower, later replaced by a metal framework beacon. The leading lights helped ships navigate into the Lune estuary. Last year the lighthouse was hit by a commercial vessel and has recently undergone a brick by brick restoration. Prior to automation lighthouse keepers lived in the lighthouse cottage, they maintained both lighthouses, walking across to Plover Scar at low tide. The Raby family kept the lights for nearly a century until 1945.

P1120820smFollowing the path along the shoreline we reached Cockersand Abbey where only the chapter house still survives in one piece. Originally a hermitage for Hugh Garth in 1180 it developed into a hospital and after ten years it gained the rank of Abbey. The chapter house remains intact due to it becoming a mausoleum for the Dalton family from Thurnham Hall in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is Grade 1 listed and a scheduled ancient monument. The building is open on occasions, sadly we are leaving the Lancaster canal on it’s next open day.

P1120837smP1120846smWe now followed tracks and footpaths directed by Mick with his downloaded OS map on his phone. A very handy thing until the data on your phone runs out! But luckily there was still enough map to get us back. This route took us through farmers fields and across a couple of farm yards. One farmer obviously wasn’t so keen on a footpath crossing his land as he stores his manure mountain right by the stile. Along some of the tracks we spotted huge ripe blackberries that are likely to be picked tomorrow.

Tilly has made new friends on the boat behind us today. They sadly lost their cat a month ago and came bearing gifts for Tilly. DREAMIES!!!!! Not too sure about the OAP food or the flea stuff, but DREAMIES!!!!!! Thank you!!

Andrew First Day St OlavessmDSC_0004 (2)-3sm

Today has been the first day at senior school for my nephew Josh. My brother and I had to have our photos taken in our brand new uniform to mark the day. Have to say Josh’s uniform is far more colourful than ours were back in the 70’s. He looks really smart. Just as well I can’t find the photo of me!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 misty start, 2 boats, 1 new bucket, 2 loads washing, 1 vest top just needing rib, 3420 narrowboat questions, 5.3 mile walk, 1 light house, 1 abbey, 2 ships, 4lb of jam ingredients at least, 4 chilled medications, 2 packs DREAMIES, 2 new friends I won’t eat, 1 uniformed Josh the next Leckenby growing up.