Southwards Bound. 30th August

Lancaster to Galgate Basin

After Mick had cycled to Halfords for some engine oil and then we’d walked to Sainsburys to restock the food cupboards we pushed off and headed backwards to the services. A quarter of a mile Oleanna did exactly as was required of her and only one adjustment was needed to bring us into the mooring. Who needs bow thrusters anyway! Once tanks were filled, emptied, rubbish disposed of and a chicken had been jointed we continued to make our way southwards.

P1120588smThe sun was out and made our departure from Lancaster a very green one. If ever I had to move here I’d like to live in one of the houses on Aldecliffe Road. With a view out over the canal and a field of sheep and cows opposite, what a lovely location, the houses don’t look bad either.

P1120599smAfter several days of only a wall to look at they had promised me fields and trees today. Several times they tried to stop in great places, but just carried on. I really don’t understand, having to jump on and off the boat is great fun, but they don’t seem to think so.

Instead of persuading Oleanna to moor in a lovely quiet spot, in the end we decided to carry on and catch Blackbird up at Galgate. As the Basin appeared into view so did the back of Blackbird with Bridget waving. There was space behind them and once we’d tied up the doors were all opened up for the second mate to make the most of the afternoon and evening.

P1120615smP1120616smA short shower threatened to put us off having a barbecue, but luckily it passed over quickly and didn’t extinguish the coals. All six of us had a lovely evening. Max on his lead and Tilly strutting her stuff. The two of them were interested, but Tilly kept her distance and didn’t do her Mohican impression once. Three cows wanted to join in, poking their noses through the hedge to see what was cooking, but backed away at the thought of us wanting a steak each. Much food and wine was enjoyed until the coals cooled off in the dark.

P1120609smDSCF7117sm0 locks, 4.67miles, 0.24 reversed, 1 full water tank, 1 empty yellow tank, 3 aborted attempts to moor, 1 shower, 3 bovine barbecue friends, 2 second mates, 2 barbecues light, 2 guiding lights, 1 happy cat.