Lagging Behind. 16th August

Wyre Aqueduct to Dimples to Ratcliffe Bridge

Mick popped to the sorting office to pick up some fuses he’d ordered. Yesterday we’d seen one for sale for £12 at the chandlers, but our order contained four which including postage had come to just under £12. Bridget and Storm were ready for the off, we had yet to wind and we all needed the services just a short distance on so they went ahead as both of us wouldn’t be able to fill with water at the same time.

Pushing off we retraced our steps to Dimples winding hole. The Lancaster Canal certainly has made the most of it’s winding holes. This one had boats moored in it on the off side, yet we could spin Oleanna round without even worrying about getting too close. We then headed back towards the services.

P1110118smBlackbird had finished and on the water point was a cruiser, getting a wash. There was space for us to pull in too, so we disposed of rubbish and put our hose by the water point showing our intent. The cruiser was very dirty and was getting a very good scrub down by a chap and his son. We were able to use our hose when they weren’t rinsing the boat down and as both hoses could be fixed to the tap the flow could easily be changed from one side to the other. This did however mean that we were at the water point for a good hour and a quarter. We popped the washing machine on followed by the dishwasher to make the most of being there.

P1110127smThe chap with the cruiser had appeared on Barging Round Britain when they did an episode on the Lancaster Canal. He’d cruised John Sergeant around for four days and yet he only appeared for a few minutes on the programme, the rest had hit the cutting room floor. He sells boats up here and the one being cleaned he’d just got on a part exchange. A local lady came up to use the elsan on her mobility scouter, she asked him a couple of questions about the boat and said it would be ideal for her daughter. Within ten minutes the daughter was there looking round it, not sure if a deal was done but it looked like he wouldn’t have the boat for long. Eventually our tank made it’s boom noise and we were ready for the off again.

P1110134smWe pootled along thinking that we’d catch up with Blackbird at Galgate later today, hopefully before the rain started. We stopped for a bite to eat and heard from Gary at All Seasons Covers. Tomorrow he has a boat to see that we’d just passed and then another about half a mile further on at Ratcliffe Bridge, so there would be ideal for us to be in the morning. There was space for us near the bridge so we pulled up for the day. Gary said he’d come to us first thing so that we could be back on our way to catch Blackbird up.

P1110141smMick took the advantage of being moored early to see if it was just the fuse that had blown on the bowthruster. It worked! but only for a short time. He’s tried to get at what might be up the thruster tube. There are grills on the tube so he used his long pincer to try to reach inside, but this didn’t really help. Another fuse and it can be used for very short blasts, but really it still isn’t working. This may sadly have to wait until we can get her out of the water.

P1110147smI’ve decided to have a go at making my own spreads for lunch, hummus is getting a bit boring. Last night whilst cooking our pasta I steamed some broccoli and peas, which today I have zuzzed in the zuzzer along with some garlic and lemon juice. This will last me a few days, which I apologise to those I’ll be seeing as I think next time I make it I will halve the amount of garlic I put in it! It is tasty though, we’ll see what the carrot one is like in a few days.

P1110153smAnother boat pulled up behind and it turns out that Gary has been asked to quote for a pram cover on it. So we need to point it out to him in the morning.

In response to your comment this morning Duncan. Yesterday may have been the first time you have been mentioned on this blog, this now being the second. However you had six mentions on Lillian’s blog over the years, including a photograph, here are links just for you.

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DSCF7114sm0 locks, 5.69 miles, 1 wind, 1 rendez vous set, 1 blackberry pooh, 1 boat wash, 2 boaters with clean blood, 1 small clove next time, 1 change of plan, 3 boats lined up for the morning, 2 fuses now blown, 1 roll wallpaper ordered, 1 dodgy internet connection, 1 cat happy to stop early, 3 birds not so happy, 1 boat lagging behind.