How Life Has Changed. 25th May

Paddington Basin
IMAG3484smA few days ago the view of the outside was like this. I would be allowed to go out on an afternoon, climb trees, feel the breeze ruffling through my fur. They were good days, lots to do, lots to keep me occupied and when I got home I would eat, drink and fall asleep. How I wished they didn’t keep moving the outside from day to day and that we could just stay a few days so that I could exhaust all that was to be found.
IMAG3490smThen they moved the outside to this! I am no longer allowed out. They say I wouldn’t like it even if I did. Constant clonk clonk clonk noises go along the side where the curtains are always closed. Here the trees are tiny and pathetic, they would bend under my small weight. The only friends to be found are small and hardly worth the effort of getting up close to, although one or two are quite tasty. There is a constant bustle and humm in the air, lights go on and off even when they are both curled up in their bed.
IMAG3501smP1040221smP1040219smApart from the weird people who go by fishing for plastic bags, those who stand on little islands that move, the man who today had  things dangling in front of him and he didn’t try to catch them, life here is boring! It is hot, so all I can do is melt during the day and then wake in the night when it is cooler. I have to run off all my excess energy before it gets hot again and all that happens is …. I get told off.
P1040223smThey haven’t moved the outside for days, why when it definitely needs changing!

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