Version P

Putting the drawings round the right way and nudging the washing machine should have been an easy thing. But on the originals I hadn’t added any tolerances for appliances, this meant everything was getting very tight. Julia had suggested looking for a narrower washing machine to bring the bedroom/bathroom bulkhead back to where it should be.

Looking through machines took time and then the conclusion that there isn’t a smaller washer/dryer available than the one we’d already chosen. What else could give cupboard wise. Not much as when you come in through the front doors you need to be able to stand somewhere.
In the end we had two choices.
1 only have a washing machine not a washer / dryer.
2  reduce the size of our bed from 5ft to 4ft 6″

We have lived with a 4ft 6inch wide bed for the last two years tucked under the gunnels, so as a cross bed it wouldn’t actually give us more mattress, but more space to one side. Living without the option to be able to dry clothes in the winter wasn’t good. So after chatting it through for a while we were both happy to go for a narrower mattress.

Since doing the original set of drawings we had changed our mind about which fridge we’d want. The new one is that bit narrower than the original, this meant one side of the galley could have more tolerance for our folding bike storage.

We put together a long list of important drawer and cupboard measurements, scanned the drawings and emailed them off before Kris in Sheffield started work on Monday morning. This had taken most of a weekend. Just a shame that we put some measurements of depth in the height column! Ricky raised a question about our galley cupboards which made me realise our mistake. An amended list was put together and resent.

Whilst I was busy drawing, Mick was researching Lithium Batteries. Thank you Adam for your comment.