Contract and more research

Whilst we’ve been busy boating on the Thames our contract and schedules have been put together. These were emailed through to us on the 5th May. A couple of small amendments needed to be made so we called Julia and these were very quickly fixed and re-emailed.
The contract has had to be emailed as our address is only a contact one and it could take several weeks for post to be forwarded to us. Next was find someone to witness our signatures. However as soon as we were off the Thames we were wanting our cat to have some freedom when we moored up, this meant being away from other boaters especially dog owners.

But in the end we spotted a boat we’ve been playing leap frog with for several days in Banbury, so we pulled in and asked them and they obliged. Thank you! Now all we need is a post box!

Our first payment has also been made over the weekend, so the hull is now paid for.

Yesterday was a very wet day, so it was time to get our heads down on more research for the boat. There are still a few things to make final decisions on, which alternator, gas versus diesel central heating, how much more will plumbing a back boiler into the system be amongst others.

Some thought today went into where we would want sockets, lights, switches and charging points. The drawing equipment came out and a suggested plan was put together.
10 lighting circuits, 4 usb chargers, double sockets etc. We are also considering installing some CAT 5 cable so that our computers and media devices can be connected to a router on board instead of relying on wifi, which isn’t always good at the other end of the boat from our mifi.

A look through samples for furnishings, I’ve managed to eliminate quite a few, but the main fabric for the dinette isn’t quite what I hoped it would be, so some more samples are needed before we can make our final decision. Who knows they all might still change dependant on the dinette.