24 Hours Early. 17th April

Sowerby Bridge

I’m ready!

Tilly’s escape pod had been put together yesterday in readiness for this morning. She obliged by taking up residence, she so likes it in there. Just a shame that I zipped up the door with her inside and then we took her for a walk. Along the towpath, over the canal and up a very steep hill to the vets. Today was Tilly’s annual check up at her fourth vets since she’s lived with us.

Every year I make a phone call to a vet as close as possible to the canal to make an appointment for Tilly’s jabs. So far every vet hasn’t had a problem with us being nomads and a suitable appointment has been made. Last week after getting her sorted I tried to get a GP and nurse appointment for myself in Scarborough. I could have one in two weeks the other in three and a half. But trying to combine both together for the same day was impossible, I’d have to ring back in a weeks time! Cats have such an easy life.

View down from the vets to Oleanna

A short wait , enough to catch our breath, before we saw the vet. Annual jab done followed by a good feel, heart listened to, weigh in, then the question about her teary eye. I was pleased that he checked it out, but the same suggestion came back as every year so far. She most probably had a virus or cat flu when she was young and this affected her tear duct. Today we got some extra information about it and all is fine.

Passport stamped for another year

Of course I’m a okay! I really don’t understand why someone in green, they always wear green, has to poke and prod me. But they have a beguiling quality to them so I let them look at my teeth and even put yellow snotty stuff in my eye. After a weigh in, why anyone would think I could possibly be over weight, I was allowed back into my escape pod, where I sat and waited for it to be zipped closed again.

The walk down hill was far easier especially as our pockets were considerably lighter having purchased worming tablets and flee medication for a year. Back at the boat Tilly was allowed 9 hours, a load of washing was put on and after a cup of tea I was just getting ready to do a days work when there was a tap on the roof! Who could that be?!


Outside stood our friend Frank. Yesterday we’d sent him a message as we were a touch concerned about him. We’ve been in Yorkshire for a couple of months and not had him visit us. An invite was given to him to join us to go up Tuel Lane Lock on Thursday and head up to Hebden Bridge. Told not to be late, he succeeded by being 24 hours early! Somewhere along the line we’d got our wires crossed. Never mind it’s lovely to see him.

A start at least

Today I was going to get lots of work done, sketches that are almost overdue for panto then people could think about them over Easter and we could cruise before getting comments back. Some shopping was needed so the boys were sent out leaving me to start sketching. Another couple of hours were really needed, but at least I’ve made a start.

The warehouses across the way

This evening we’ve been across the way to The Moorings for steaks and a burger. Very nice they were too, along with wine and pints of T.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 cat in a box, 1 very close vets, 1 very steep hill, 1 years feline MOT, 1 man in green, 1 day of work postponed, 9 hours! 1 whistling man, 1 good friend, 24 hours early, 1 newspaper, Act 1 sketched, 2 steaks, 1 burger, 3 mice, 1 vole, 2 boys zizzing on the sofa.