Abandoned. 25th March

Gateforth Wharf to Selby Basin

This morning Nigel rang, the Lock Keeper from Selby. Our passage up to York had been booked for Wednesday this week and he was calling with the news that the lock wouldn’t be mended anytime this week. Divers were needed, the recent big spring tides had affected the lock and it would take some time to sort. Last night we’d decided that if we couldn’t go up to York this week then we’d abandon our trip. Hopefully sometime next year we’ll be able to go that way and take Oleanna up the river for the first time.

Good name

A shame as the weather forecast for Wednesday looks really nice for a cruise and checking the webcam in central York the river looks like is is just about back to normal, people sitting out on the bank drinking. We know we’ll be back, at some point.

There are no winding holes on the Selby Canal so we still had to go all the way to Selby to be able to turn at the basin. We also wanted to top up on shopping and had arranged for an RCR engine inspection tomorrow.


We pootled along in the sunshine, clouds of Blackthorn blossom clinging to the hedgerows, a wonderful site.

A cruiser slap bang in the middle of the moorings!

At Selby Boat Centre a boat stuck out across the cut, it was being worked on, having it’s outboard motor seen to, so being stern end in was needed, a good job it was a short boat. We’ve stopped here once before and had to breast up to have a look in the chandlers, we were after chain for our anchor and new mooring ropes. The chap we’d moored alongside sold us some ropes as the chandlery wasn’t manned. Mick returned on a later day buying a length of second hand chain which did the job.

Selby Boat Centre

The last obstacle coming into the basin is a swing bridge. The road over it doesn’t seem that busy until you stop the traffic, then vehicles and pedestrians flock to wait to cross. As I hopped off the boat with the key of power I could see that a boat was coming towards us from the basin. I reached the panel before their crew got off and waved them through. The bridge was open for longer meaning more people had to wait.

Selby Lock out onto the tidal Ouse

Bottom gates padlocked shut

Once moored up we walked up to the lock to have a look. Nobody about, all gates closed, those facing out onto the river were padlocked in position so that they couldn’t swing open with the tides. The tide was heading out to the North Sea, not much detritus going with it though. We’ve been told to wait for a tree to go past before exiting the lock in the past. Going in and out of Selby Lock is a treat that will have to wait for another time.

Tide going out below the lock

We walked into town for some shopping. I also wanted to see how far away the nearest vets was. Tilly is due her annual injections in the next couple of weeks, but the vets here is just that bit too far to carry her in her Escape Pod. She hates cars and panics making it very hard to hang on to her carrier. I’m hoping we’ll reach Sowerby Bridge in time where there is a vet just across one road from the basin there.

Selby Abbey

0 locks, 1 broken, 3.84 miles, 1  swing bridge, 4 cars, 1 bike, 1 dog, 10 pedestrians, 1 pram held up, 2nd boat through, 0 duckweed, 2 padlocks, 2 far, 2 noisy, 4 bananas, 5 bramleys, 1 box cereal, 0 wine (too far to carry any), 1 meeting arranged, 2 tickets booked, 1 dinner date with brother and nephew booked.