Scrub A Dub Dub. 18th March


As far as we know the flood gates are still closed at Ferrybridge, here at Pollington is possibly the nicest mooring along this stretch, even if Tilly doesn’t agree! The water tap being close did also have something to do with staying put today.
As we got up we stripped the bed and lifted the mattress for a good airing. The winds now having subsided to a reasonable breeze we could open windows again. At times last week the air inside the cabin felt like we’d already used it five times over, so it was nice to have fresh air again. 
Perfect drying weather

With bedding hung out on the whirligig, making the most of some sunshine and a breeze, more washing was put on.
Green and mildew

I then decided that lots of factors were in my favour, water on tap, some sun, a little breeze and picnic tables. Time to give the pram cover a good scrub. Over this winter we’ve noticed it starting to get a touch of mildew inside and where it is turn buckled to the roof on the outside it was going green.

followed by a good rinse

Mick removed the covers as I filled a bucket with hot water and some Techwash, the scrubbing brush and hose with spray gun attached were brought out and I was ready.

Each piece had a soaking and scrub on both sides, the picnic bench a suitable height to rest on (although you have to be careful not to leave your cover with lines from the slats). Once scrubbed they got a good rinse on both sides before being put back onto the pram frame to dry.
Stop IT!!!

Nasty Tom

I like it when they come outside to play. I helped by keeping sticks out of the way and killing them, sticks can be very pesky things at times. She had difficulty with the green snake, so Tom did some mending. He then had to test it, I my direction! I wasn’t impressed, how childish!! So instead of helping I went to wait for some friends to come out and play. I waited for a long time by their hole, but none of them showed themselves.

Drip drying

The cratch cover maybe should have been done aswell today, but I’d had enough of scrubbing so we packed up. 
River levels are still high, the Ouse seems to have peeked and is on it’s way down again. It rose to nearly the top of the life buoy. The Aire is slowly going down, maybe in a couple of days we’ll be able to get through Ferrybridge.
0 locks, 0 miles, 4 loads of washing, 1 clean pooh box, 3 pieces of pram cover scrubbed and rinsed, 1 leaking hose, 2 buckets of wash, 1 dodging cat, 2 pesky sticks, 0 friends, 1 big hole, 1 lock walk, 2 giant sweat potatoes baked in the stove, 2 boaters with a bit too much orange food!

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