Pancakes And WAR! 5th March

Goole to Goole Boathouse Marina

Pancake Day has to start with breakfast pancakes. When I was little Mum always used to make Scotch Pancakes and we’d cover them with butter and Raspberry Jam, the butter melting so it ran down your arm. Over the years scotch pancakes have been superseded by American pancakes, similar but with sugar in the batter and a bit of added raising agent.
Batter ready
Two in the pan

Since cutting out gluten in my diet I’ve had several goes at pancakes but never been quite satisfied with them. Today it was time to try out the flour Jaq from NB Valerie had suggested a few months ago, Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour. I hunted round for recipes and found one that took my fancy.
I didn’t have any buttermilk, but milk could be used with a bit of white vinegar. I substituted the milk for soya milk and held back the vinegar until everything was mixed into the batter, hoping not to curdle it. This worked and with a handful of blueberries added I cooked up far too many pancakes for the two of us. But we managed to work our way through the big pile of very tasty pancakes, we were after all having quite a bit of fruit!

Too many to eat
But we managed it


These were considered to be a success, I’ll be making them again. Thank you Jaq for the flour.

They sat eating away unaware of what was happening outside. I on the other hand was very aware.

Stupid barrel!
The fat barrel with four stumpy legs was parading up and down outside. I was keeping a beady eye on him. Then he saw me! Obviously he was a touch distraught that I dared to be looking at him. He charged towards me, but I knew that there was a solid piece of glass there, so no need to retreat.

The stupid thing kept glaring at me, he was spoiling my morning view and I wasn’t having any of it! I asked nicely, he was obviously deaf and his head didn’t seem to have a brain inside it. So I had to stand my ground. Noses a paw apart I put my ears in flat psycho mode and hissed as loud as I could so that it would hear me. Stupid thing, didn’t understand. If it wasn’t for the window in the way he’d have been dead meat!

The air inside the cabin was steaming! Tilly was not going to give up and I was getting a touch concerned that if both of them hit the window at the same time then we’d be getting the spare out from under the bed a bit too soon. Tilly was removed to the bedroom. Here I could still see him, but he had no idea where I’d gone. Stupid thing kept looking at it’s own reflection in the cabin side!

This was not going to stop unless we intervened. We would have to move Oleanna. Good job that was the plan anyway.
Meanwhile down at the docks

We managed to keep the dog off Oleanna as we prepared to move. Tilly could be seen sticking her tongue out as we reversed up to the diesel pump. The bollards here are very awkwardly spaced to tie up to, especially on a windy day. The tank was filled and five bags of coal put on the roof. We now had to find our berth in the marina. 
Planning a night away we were reluctant to leave Oleanna just on pins. Luckily there was one space in the marina which isn’t normally let as it blocks a wide beam in. But for a couple of nights we’d be fine. Hooked up again we settled in and did a touch of washing.
The long road
Prima Ballerina

In the afternoon we walked the long walk along the side of the docks and down to Ocean Lock.

We passed Prima Ballerina that had come in yesterday and could see a couple of other boats being off loaded.

Ocean Lock filling

The lock was being filled as we crossed over the top gates. Walking on a mesh walkway with water surging underneath isn’t the nicest thing.

Goole salt and pepper pots
First port of call was the Post Office followed by Tescos and then Boyes. In the fabric department I managed to find a roll of bright red fabric and bought a couple of meters for my next project. Hopefully in a few days time I’ll be able to show what this is.

Batter, cheese and ham at the ready
Galettes ready to be filled

Our meal this evening also consisted of pancakes, but these were Galettes de Sarrasin. French crepes made with buckwheat flour. These are filled with ham and grated cheese and baked so the cheese melts.

My pancakes didn’t want to be folded into squares, but rolled up they worked just as well and tasted very good. There was just enough batter left for pudding pancakes too. Both gluten free recipes today were spot on and not just a make do alternative.

0 locks, 0.2 miles, 15 blueberry pancakes,1 feline canine war, 1 window still in 1 piece, 1 stupid dog kept off Oleanna, 1 cat forced to calm down, 0 buckets of water required, 1 reverse, 5 bags coal, 69 litres, 80p, 1 mooring with power, 2 budgies, 0 shore leave for Tilly, 1 parcel, 2 cards, 1 bag salad, 2m red fabric, 4 ham and cheese pancakes, 3 pudding pancakes, 2 fat contented boaters.

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