No More Hanging Around. 26th February


Yesterday we worried Jonathan at the boat yard. Once we’d winded we were returning to the basin for a couple more nights, he thought we were heading back to the yard as something was wrong. But no, all was fine. You have to book your passage down the Tinsley flight giving 24 hrs notice and we’d rather moor where we have electric than at the top of the locks for a couple more nights.
Today Mick had arranged his annual eye test and I wanted to head back to The Moor to buy some fish for this evening. We both headed off in different directions on another sunny day. 
Sun in the Winter Gardens

I could have been more adventurous in my choice of fish, but decided on some sea bass and picked up various veg to go with it whilst at the market. 
Mick still has two eyes which was good news. He could do with new glasses, he’s come away with a new prescription to get elsewhere. The optician said it was a good job he hadn’t replaced his glasses last year as an extra digit had been added to one of his eyes axis, they would have been sent straight back as he wouldn’t have been able to see!
Cutlery giraffe, what else!

During the afternoon we’ve been and paid for our mooring, we’ll be pushing off before the office opens tomorrow. A supermarket delivery  has been booked for when we pass through Mexborough and we’ve been to Tesco to top up on a few bits to keep us going until then.
Sheffield has been good again. Being here for the bicentenary wasn’t planned but was an added bonus. Our snagging list on Oleanna has finally been crossed through. Bringing Oleanna here has meant that we got a few extras thrown in as they hadn’t had to send people out to us, so we’ve only had to pay for the new window. The chaps at Finesse were as efficient as ever and it’s always nice to see them and Jonathan. 
No more hanging around for us

Everything apart from water proofs and curtains have been washed. So in the morning it’ll be time to unplug, push back and swing that bridge for the last time, leaving Sheffield and head to the top of the locks.
0 locks, 0 miles, 0 bridges, 2 eyes, 2 sea bass, 12 olives, 1 lemon, 1 pepper, 2 cards, 1 online shop needing editing, 1 weeks mooring paid up, 1 window paid, 1 empty washing drawer, 1 cat longing for some friends to murder!