Backing Up To The Basin. 23rd February

A much quieter day. We took our time getting up this morning. Boats could be heard starting to move off, in fact all the visiting boats from yesterdays festivities had moved off before we’d finished our breakfast.
Just about everything had gone when we started to roll up the covers to move. The extra toilets had gone and the only elements of the igloo were generators and piles of sand bags. 
Sheffield Old Town Hall

Another warm day a little hazy, but no breeze. This meant Mick was happy just to back us back into the basin. I swung the bridge and he backed us through to the water point to top up before starting to do washing.
The tank took forever to fill and we got chatting with the nearest boat a small 30fter. Back on our mooring we hooked back up to the electric and put a load in the washing machine.
I’m on the hunt for a couple of meters of red fabric and I hoped that The Moor Market would come up trumps for me. So I left Mick and Tilly and headed into town.
Pomfret fish not cakes

The Moor is about a mile walk across town, plenty of empty shops about on my way there, but the market was heaving. Several fabric and haberdashery stalls, but nobody had what I was after, I should have ordered some on line when we first got here. I’ll just have to hope that a charity shop can provide me with a red duvet cover in the next two weeks.
I had a good look round and on my return I picked up some sachets of free cat food for Tilly. She may well not be interested in it, but who knows it may be the next fantastic food.
Starling tree at The Moor

This afternoon I’ve started to make my first batch of gluten free pasta with the flours I bought in Doncaster. I say started as the flours need to have time to absorb moisture and let flavour develop, according to my recipe book. So some Buckwheat and Rice flour have been mixed with some yoghurt and will be left overnight in the fridge. Tomorrow I will add other ingredients, then leave it to rest again in the fridge for a further 24 hours. I’m really hoping that it comes out tastier than the shop bought lasagne as that is really quite boring.
0 locks, 0.1 miles in reverse, 1 wind, 1 full water tank, 2 loads washing, 2 sachets food, 1 bag spinach, 1 quiet day, 130 grams of pasta … so far, 1 evening booked for some knitting in front of the TV, 2 pots of herbs missing.