Checking The List. 19th February

Victoria Quays to Victoria Quays

A more relaxed morning today. First thing was to check in with the lady in charge of the moorings. She’d had a day off yesterday and we wanted to check when we had to be off our mooring over the weekend. It looks like we shall have to move Friday morning and may not be able to return until Sunday. The first two days in Sheffield is free, then there is a charge. Because we will be coming and going, sometimes at our own will, other times because of the Birthday bash she is going to include electric in our mooring fees. We’re hoping that at the weekend we can just move onto the visitor moorings outside the basin.
Next we pootled up to Finesse, not far up the canal, managing to time our exit from the basin with Ethel coming in to wind, they held the bridge and closed it behind us.

Currently being fitted out with hydraulic wheelhouse

There was space outside Finesse just behind the stylish Brigantine that is currently in fit out on the water. We tied up to a ring and tyre and went to find Ricky, bumping into Ken who’d been a consultant on Oleanna. Just as we got into the office Rob from NB Cuba arrived to see if they might be able to help mend a broken zip on their cratch cover. 

Last night we’d written out a list of jobs. Ricky came on board to check over things. First a few snagging jobs. Then a few alterations and additions.

Nice new sailaway for someone

The window that had been leaking last winter still has a leak. They’d resealed it last year, then we had the dry summer and when eventually the rain came it was tested for the first time and sadly the problem was still there. During the summer the hot weather had caused our gas locker lid to gradually cease up, then one day the lid came off in Micks hands (I believe Alchemy had the same thing happen to them) so this needs mending. 

The power relay to our bow thruster batteries at the moment needs turning off when we finish cruising for the day as it is constantly charging the thruster batteries from the leisure batteries, we were hoping that this could somehow be altered so that it doesn’t depend on memory.

Jonathan’s next project

Over the last almost two years we’ve come to realise that having a sliding window above our cooker would be better than the full hopper we have at the moment. A new window was ordered for us in January and has arrived waiting to be fitted. This of course is the most complicated window to get to on the boat due to the extractor fan above it. 

The vents from the back of our cooker have gradually discoloured the white piece of metal they put in to deflect heat away from the cabin side. We’ve asked for this to be changed for stainless steel and extended up to the window.

This way, I think!

A means of being able to store our anchor was also talked about. So far we’ve not been able to find somewhere that we’ve been happy with. I talked an idea through with Ricky in the cratch. We’re hoping to achieve a place for it to live where it can be ready for deployment and not have to be padded to protect paint work or be in our way when it’s not needed. 

All of the jobs were agreed and Kris came on board to have a look too. Early tomorrow morning we are due back at the yard for him to make a start. We just need it to be a dry day.

C&RT half term activities

Sadly we are around 10ft too long to be able to wind at the yard and Mick didn’t fancy reversing back to our mooring. So we pootled down back down the canal, retracing our trial cruise we did nearly two years ago and winded just before Attercliffe Railway Bridge. Tomorrow Mick will try the winding hole a touch closer. Back through the swing bridge we pulled in to fill with water and get a new gas bottle, then we pushed back over to our mooring.

Some more white grafitti

This evening we are going to The Crucible to see ‘Rutherford and Son’. Afterwards we are meeting up with a couple of Stage Manager friends for a good catch up. It won’t be a boozy evening as we have to be up early tomorrow to get Oleanna back through the bridge to the yard.

The pub cat trying to hitch a ride

0 locks, 2.99 miles, 2 winds, 2 times through the bridge, 1 feline stow away, 1 full water tank, 1 gas bottle, 4 needles ordered, 300grms yarn ordered, 2 comps, 1 play, 2 Stage Managers (1 retired).

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