If You’re Going To A Party. 14th February

Mexbrough Low Lock
The morning started off in a none standard way. Mick got up to put the kettle on and make the tea, all normal. When he returned he spotted that a card and some chocolates had appeared on his pillow. ‘Ooo!’ He put down the cups of tea and disappeared back though to the main cabin. There was a cupboard opened followed by the sound of cellophane being removed. A short while later he then opened the back doors, closed them, then came through to the bedroom again. A cupboard opened and a box of Lindt chocolates produced, ‘Someone left these on the back deck’. What a surprise!  What a romantic! It did make me laugh the fact that he’d opened the back door to back up his claim that he had no idea where they’d come from.
The bank on this side of the canal is quite high and made of large corrugated piling. Then behind this there is a bank which somewhat obscures our view whilst having our morning cuppa in bed. We could have winded for a better view but then the side hatch would be on the canal side, so when Tilly wants to come in she’d have to use the back door which involves more effort on our part. Having the side hatch on the towpath side is always good especially when emergency dog avoidance is required.
A sunny day on the wide cut

The day was sunny and soon warmed up whilst we had a cooked breakfast, time to give Oleanna a bit of TLC outside. The rust spots I’d rubbed back and treated in Cropredy back in October had another sand and another coat of Fertan. I’m hoping this warmer weather will mean I can get the bow looking a touch better than it has done for a few months.

As we seem to be heading towards a Birthday Party, the Bi-Centenary for the Tinsley-Sheffield Canal, Oleanna needs a bit of a spruce up. Well you wouldn’t go to a birthday party without having a shower and putting clean clothes on! 
Half lovely
and clean

With everything removed from the bank side of the roof I swept it down and then gave it a good scrub and rinse. It’s been quite sometime since the roof was last washed and it was really rather horrible. I did the near side and had planned to do the cabin side too, but the height of the bank would mean a lot of bending down which might lead to a bad back, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it somewhere else. 
The well deck also had a good clean and wash down, the drains around the lockers getting extra attention to clear them of mud and dust.
Inspection time

Tilly spent the day being VERY busy. On several occasions I called for her, but no sign. Then she leapt out of the friendly cover and came trotting towards us bringing a friend with her. A little distraction was required, assessment made and the friend was put somewhere for safe keeping!
It’s hard to think that only a week ago we were wearing balaclavas on the Trent and today I wished I’d put a t-shirt on instead of a long sleeved top.
The weir clean and flowing

During the day several C&RT people were at the lock, mostly clearing all the debris that had collected around the gates. One person stayed and seemed to be running checks for much of the afternoon. The tug and hopper that we’d followed from Barnby Dun came past and headed up stream, suspect it is going to be filled with equipment at one of the stoppages up ahead.
We had a walk round to Pastures Lodge and the Hotel there to check on access to the canal for a Sainsbury’s delivery. All good, so a big order was put together to make use of one of our triple points vouchers.
0 locks, 0 miles, 1 mystery delivery, 2 boxes chocolates, 2 cards, 1 extreamly busy cat, 1 friend, 2 more they didn’t know about, 0.5 roof spotless, 0.5 roof left for tomorrow, 1 clean well deck, 1 tidy lock, 1 path, 0.5 knitting completed