Missing Eric. 8th February


I’m so glad I don’t have to clean a house anymore. Our house is actually two knocked together, so twice the surface area to dust, sweep and hoover. Not that we did it that often, imminent visitors would spur us on, sometimes we’d hope for family to come and stay so that we’d get round to having a good tidy up!
Living in limited space does however mean we have to be better at putting things away on a regular basis, otherwise there would be nowhere to sit down or work surface in the galley to cook on. I do wish there were more recycling bins on the network so cardboard, glass etc didn’t build up around us. But we seem to be in a more sensible part of the world at the moment, Thorne now has recycling bins.
You can’t beat a bit of Pink Stuff

All the windows got a good clean inside, floors swept through, bathroom cleaned and even some of the woodwork got a bit of a polish. I have some almond oil to do this with (I hate the smell of honey) but even this can be a touch too much, so I do an area at a time. Whilst I was busy polishing Mick gave the cooker a good going over. We have some oven cleaner, but that needs to be done and left overnight. So instead he cleaned the glass doors with a selection of products, Pink Stuff being one of them. The end result is pretty good, you can now see through the door again. We’ll save the oven cleaner for a few months time.
Going into every corner of the boat with a brush means all of Tilly’s toys get found. We have a toy box for them, which also doubles for me to put my feet on at the dinette. Behind Tilly’s food bowls  I pulled out six balls, down the side of the toilet the mouse she got from Joa at Christmas and her big fish was taking up quite a bit of space under a radiator. All of them were put back into her toy box, but the lid would not go back on.
Now which one? Two?
Too many in the box

Selection time! I chose a cat nip ball, a blue mouse and my fish, oh and a bouncy ball. I can’t live without a bedoingy ball. They are super great as they come back to you as you play, can fit under doors where they always come back from, but for some reason always end up at the back of the boat.

Our mooring is either very sheltered or we have missed out on the worst effects from storm Eric today. No rain and hardly any buffeting from the wind. We are glad we got off the rivers as the flood gates on the Upper Trent have been closed today at Sawley and Cranfleet.
Rescued from the towpath

0 locks, 0 miles, 12 more trees, 7 woofers, 1 stick that I don’t have any use for, 1 mouse rescued, 1 clean oven, 1 large ball of fluff, 6 mats shaken, 1 trip to the bins, 2nd ball yarn nearly used, 3rd ball required for more acurate calculations.

4 thoughts on “Missing Eric. 8th February

  1. Pip and Mick

    Hi JenniferThree years ago Father Christmas filled our stockings full of Pink Stuff so we've not had to buy any since then. However Yorkshire Trading definitely sells it as it is featured on their website banner. Think I've also seen it in B&M, Home Bargains, Pound Stretcher if none of those have any then you can get it online. It really is great stuff.Pip

  2. Pip and Mick

    Naughty-Cal, Blimey! We really must have had a sheltered spot. Nick said it was blowing a hoolie at his house which is only a few minutes walk away.

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