The Frozen North. 3rd February

Cromwell Pontoon

Tilly enjoying being part of the morning sunrise

The Lock Keepers on the Trent are very good. Before Mick had even turned his phone on this morning they had already tried to call, so before rolling his sleeves up to cook us a Sunday morning breakfast he called them back.

Obligatory breakfast photo, sausages a little disappointing sadly.

The North/Yorkshire is still frozen, however with temperatures set to rise in the next few days we may have a window of opportunity. The Lockie suggested we make our way to Torksey tomorrow then on Tuesday morning push off at 8:45am, push against the incoming tide for an hour before it turns and helps us to get to Keadby. The tide times are more sociable than they would have been today and hopefully we’ll not need to wear our balaclavas, Tilly is pleased about this. We are to call him as we come through Gainsborough, this will give the dredger and hoppers time to move out of our way and he’d make sure there would be somewhere for us to moor for the night. So we are booked to penn up at Keadby on Tuesday.

We’ll wait to top up the tank!
Despite the sun being well and truly out this morning there had been quite a hard frost, we’d have to wait to fill with water today, still some bedding to wash.

We didn’t venture far today, just to the bins really and to see Sean. His little cabin overlooking the lock had it’s door open, but nobody was home. It was around lunch time so we sat on a bench by the lock and waited for 1pm before we tried to call him, hoping not to disturb his lunch. He came out of the lock cottage and headed to his cabin to make note of our booking passing us on his way. 10.30 / 11am he’ll let us loose onto the tidal Trent tomorrow. High tide here is at 10am tomorrow so we should get a little bit of extra push from it as it goes out.

Wonderful clouds today
With balaclavas now out of the way I made a good start on a pair of gloves. Well I’d already done the rib on them a week or so ago, but knew that I didn’t have quite enough yarn to knit a pair. Even though they are just a single colour I stopped after the rib to await more yarn. Different batches of yarn can end up being slightly different, so stopping here and changing meant any difference would not be noticed as there is a change of stitch.

First moving boat in days

Much of the rest of the day was spent trying to work out where to move the blog to as we are fed up of Google moving the goal posts. At the moment it’s looking like we’ll head to wordpress where NB Lillyanne’s blog is. If we do move we’ll give you plenty of notice. We’re not sure what will happen to those who subscribe to the blog and get emails, you may have to re-subscribe. We hope to still be able to use, but will it still show on peoples blog rolls? A lot to look into and set up if we do move. As I say we’ll let you know.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 bag rubbish, 2 locks booked, 1 moving boat,  30 seconds of cat freedom, 1 harness almost pulled off, 1 lovely day to cruise, 1 frozen tap, 1 empty washing drawer, 1 glove complete, 4 slightly disappointing low fat gluten free Lincolnshire sausages (they need the fat to taste good), 1 joint of roast pork.

4 thoughts on “The Frozen North. 3rd February

  1. Naughty-Cal

    I see they have move that scrap cruiser on from Lincoln at long last. He has been moored in the middle of the CRT 48 hour visitor moorings in Lincoln for the best part of last year causing a nuisance running his genny at all hours!

  2. Geoff and Mags

    Hi both. Sorry, I cocked up the reply to your comment the other day, sent it to the wrong address. Doh! Hope you get this in time to get some coal… Mags is doing ok, thanks. Bruised but no permanent damage. As you say, Cromwell is a pleasant spot to be stuck, so long as you've got provisions!Hope the weather isn't too bad for you going downriver, showers forecast I think. Coal merchant is Capps, 01724842344. Debbie will probably answer the phone.Have a good trip, hope the work on Oleanna goes ok, have a good summer.

  3. Pip and Mick

    Hi GeoffWe had a dry day today with little wind, so our journey to Keadby was good, chilly but good.Thanks for the coal merchants details, the Lock Keeper helped us get a few bags from them, so we can stay warm for a while now.Glad to hear Mags is doing well.Stay warm with all those logs.Pip and Mick

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