Have They Started Already? 20th December

Lower New House Farm to Stoneton Bridge 126

Lower New House Farm and radio beacon

As we had breakfast Tilly was allowed an hour of shore leave. She’s not often allowed this, it’s only on days when it doesn’t matter when we move or we’re staying put. She trotted back on board spot on an hour. Today we planned on moving, but not very far. Just as we were putting on the extra layers a narrowboat came past, pulling in a distance ahead of us. Their three dogs all came off for a wee before being individually picked up to get back on board. As we passed by their TV aerial was being adjusted, I think they were settling in for the day, we’d leave them in peace with the view.

Bridge 128As we approached bridge 128 I took this photo.

It’ll be interesting to see how things change through the coming years.

The new line will cross here

After bridge 127 the canal makes a boot shape. At the toe end is where HS2 will pass the canal quite closely.

Footpath diversionFencingUp on the hill we could see what looked like big work lights, a dumper truck was heading down the hill and a man in high vis was busy close to the canal. Had they started work here already? Maybe there were only two of them, hence the 2 in HS2. If so it would take a long time for them to reach Birmingham.

A large corrugated pipe, possibly a culvert was flanked by sandbag walls at a gap in the trees. Later on Mick checked the plans and it looks like they were working on moving a footpath slightly, giving it a kink before it will dip under the new railway as it nears the canal.

A feed barrelMango chutney?Along the towpath were several blue plastic barrels on stilts. Suspended under them what looked like  small troughs for animals to eat from. Were these barrels to help feed some beasts? What creature other than human is partial to Mango Chutney?

Balancing on the ArmcoJust past the heel of the boot and we pulled into the mooring we’d come across on our way south three months ago. The sun was out, what a beautiful day again. Tilly took her time pouncing on possible friends hiding just behind the armco, making us slightly nervous in case she over leapt into the canal!

We settled down and pottered away the remainder of the day. The sun disappeared and was replaced by torrential rain.

Our bed lies at the end of a rainbow

Further north, at the Middlewich Branch things are getting very exciting. Back in March there was a breach which washed away a large portion of the canal. Works have been on going and the hope was that the canal would be reopened before Christmas. Brian and Diana on NB Harnser are loitering at the east end at Middlewich and NB Halsall and NB Bargus (both coal boats) are waiting at the west end to go through. Late on this afternoon we had a C&RT notice saying that the branch would reopen tomorrow. The Middlewich Branch is part of our home patch (as it were) and if we were anywhere nearby we’d also be waiting to go through, so we shall be watching facebook and blogs tomorrow for the first boats to pass thorough.

0 locks, 1.21 miles, 3 woofers, 1 footpath on the move, 45kg, 1 pot of gold, 1 food list, 0.5 sock knitted, 4th Luther, 1 hour 7 minutes to the next tap, 37 pounces, 4 soggy paws. 


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  1. nb Chuffed

    The mango chutney is pheasant food! There must be a shoot nearby. we have them round here too. Some of the pheasants will have been eaten by now of course….Happy ChristmasDebby

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