Another Wrong Forecast. 18th December

Fenny Compton

Awake early for a change, brilliant! Our plan to get up and get going to beat the weather, mooring up for breakfast before the rain started, sadly didn’t happen. We were woken by strong winds that hadn’t been forecast to start for a few more hours. Only one thing for it , stay in bed a while longer with our cuppas.

By the time we were up and dressed it was rainy too, should we stay put or battle with the elements to get to a better view. An easy decision, stay put. The storm that we’d hunkered down for a few days ago was nothing compared to today. The winds were far stronger throwing rain at the starboard side for much of the day.

All seeing

A walk to see if we could find some milk took us out for a short while in between downpours. There is a Co-Op about a mile away in the village, but we decided to see if the shop at the pub had any first. At The Wharf Inn they have a launderette with large machines and then if you go into the pub at the rear there is a small shop. They stock pasta, rice, pop, cleaning things, fire lighters all none perishable goods. If we were stuck I’d have been able to put a reasonable meal together from their supplies. But did they have milk? A lady came through from the bar and went into the kitchen to get us a litre bottle. This will see us through to a big shop at the weekend, hopefully.

Having the milk there was no need to walk down to the village, an explore for a finer day. We scurried back to the warmth of Oleanna instead.

Well stocked shop with dry and tinned foods

Tilly wasn’t that impressed by the day. Her first look out the back brought on her morning snooze, not stirring for a couple of hours. Then she sat at the back doors waiting to be let out, only to disappear off the back and re-appear at the side hatch a matter of seconds later hoping to be let back in. A few Dreamies and then she’d be asking to go out again. This got quite tedious and the thought of a cat flap was appealing.

Whilst watching an Australian film I made another loaf of bread for Mick. This time I had the oven turned down a touch, but the top of the loaf still came out a good sort of brown! In the evening we watched the first two episodes of Luther, several years behind I know. But with every episode on demand at the moment we will try to catch up to be able to watch the new series which starts New Years Day.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 litre milk, 1 dark brown loaf, 1 pair socks finished, 2nd pair started, 2 Luthers, 1 resigned cat who would far prefer to be sprinkling glitter at the top of the BT Tower!