Re-Watering. 6th December

Castle Quays

As a break from Christmas shopping we both headed up the canal (at different times) to have a look at how works were progressing at the bridge that is currently closed. Mick headed out first leaving me to do secret things, then I followed.

The towpath by the bridge is very muddy at the moment, wellies would have been more appropriate wear, at least I’d been wanting to breakdown my new boat shoes.

Dam still in place

This morning a boat had passed us, this meant that either the canal was open again or they were from a mooring and heading for water. The latter was the case, they’d left bags of coal and wheelbarrows reserving their space. There might have been enough room for another boat just past them, but we plan to move tomorrow anyway so we’d only gain even muddier footwear if we’d moved.

Dam to the leftDam to the rightTwo blue tarpaulin dams with plenty of scaffolding, have been holding the waters back whilst works have been on going at the bridge for the last three weeks. The water is then pumped out from the gap so that access to the base of the old lift bridge that was once here.

Pumps and pipes

A lot of stabilising work has been carried out, lots of new bricks and mortar everywhere.

Lots of new........brickwork everywhereWhen Mick had arrived water had started to be pumped back into the gap, C&RT chaps were still on site. By the time I arrived it looked like the levels had just about equalised, but nobody was about. Fencing that had been put on the bridge had been removed and things looked like the canal would reopen on time.


Christmas shopping has been on going and it’s been handy being moored so close to all the shops. I’m the only one who’s finished, wrapped as well!

If you are looking for a present for a boater this year, may I suggest Flush Force. Who ever thought of this? A toilet which you fill the cistern with water, then shake to reveal collectable Flushies in the bowl! Turd Mite, and Farty Mcfly are two single flush characters. No wonder they are reduced in the shops.Maybe they should do a pumpout and cassette version

0 locks, 0 miles, 3 visits to the shops, 1 canal filling up, 2 dams, 150 Flushies.