Last Single Gate. 2nd December

Kings Sutton Lock to Nadkey Bridge 172

Not far today, just edging closer to Banbury. Having no Saturday newspaper made for a different Sunday morning cuppa in bed, no puzzles and no checking if the fashion editor was wearing heels. At least it wasn’t raining, so we pushed off after breakfast to find ourselves a mooring south of Banbury for the night.

Nice colourNew blackingWe pootled past Twyford Wharf where a newly blacked hire boat sat showing off next to a battered and scraped one awaiting it’s turn at Tooleys. A chap worked away on his Ford Capri alongside the moorings, Mick was a touch envious.

Last single gate this year

Then past the lift bridges that brought us to Grant’s Lock, the last with a single bottom gate. Nobody had been through today, it being full the bluey water gradually emptied out of the chamber showing all that lay beneath. From the high vantage point you can see quite a distance, an information board on the M40 informing that the M1 was closed further north and the last two lift bridges were visible with no boats following us.

3 mph beats that road again

Half a mile further on and the first possible mooring was empty, so we pulled in. We wanted a good place for Tilly, but close enough to Morrisons for some milk and a parsnip. We could have got closer but the next moorings are quiet close to a big building site, so we preferred the big field opposite with numerous dog walkers calling for their dogs.

Tom stopped this outside before, when she was in Chippy. I liked it then and I like it now. Not far to go to find friends who kept me busy, only one Dreamie visit home today. After what felt like five minutes (4 hours!), she came out shouting for me. So with my latest friend in tow (mouth) I thought I’d introduce it. She seemed a bit too eager and came off the boat to say hello. Unfortunately they didn’t get to meet as she picked me up just as I was adjusting my grip, my friend scurried off into the sideways trees.

Me with my Advent Dreamies. Thank you Tom

Tilly protested for quite a while, but soon shut up when she was given her advent present of a new pack of Dreamies. Apparently Morrisons didn’t have any advent calendars!

1 lock, 1.69 miles, M1 shut, 2 friends, 1 missed introduction, 1 whole packet for 25 days, 2 pints milk, 1 parsnip, 2 mysteron lamb steaks for advent Sunday tea, 1 Sunday newspaper, 1 Mrs Tilly stamp of approval.

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