Sideways 29th November

Somerton Meadows

IMG_20181129_090041smIMG_20181129_090048smIMG_20181129_090051smIMG_20181129_090055smToday the outside went sideways, it was moving itself. They stayed in bed for ages as I watched it. Too windy for cats they said as Diana might have picked me up and taken me with her. Maybe Diana was the lady walking her woofers.

IMG_20181129_125632smWe all stayed inside for the morning. I practiced my best Tilly stare at her to try to make it all stop. More practice is still required as it didn’t have the required effect. Apparently Houdini’s stare was stronger than mine, I think she must have had lazers in her eyes, but she still wouldn’t have been able to get them to stop the wind.

P1440034smBy mid afternoon it was determined that the wind was now only making things diagonal and the sun was out, so I could go out again. She came with me for a while and we had a bit of a walk along the meadows looking at the other boats and wondering where all the cows were. They must have gone that way and carried on. I really wanted to go and have a climb in the big trees, but she wasn’t willing to jump over the wet bit in the middle of the field so we stayed by the canal, boring!

P1440055smI think she actually came out with me so that she wouldn’t have to give me ‘Thank you for coming home’ Dreamies. Apparently they won’t be able to get any for a few days and this Diana has meant we are a day behind getting new stocks. A very inconsiderate woman!

They spent some of the day measuring up the bed. Getting a quote and then correcting the man who is meant to understand such things. My daytime snoozing will soon be more comfortable, they just hope Tom doesn’t have to chop his toes or head off to fit on the bed.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 very sideways day, 0 trees climbed, 2 hours only, 1 very wet ditch, 3 boats, 1 paw on out of boundness, 0 cows, 137 not 120, 7 instead of 5, 1 free pillow, I cat looking forward to a whole day of exploration tomorrow, but will there be enough Dreamies???