He’s Back And I’m Off. 21st October

Keen’s Bridge to Castle Quay, Banbury

Fog, well on one side of the boat this morning. It might have had something to do with there being a hedge on the other side so we couldn’t see very far! NB Tungsten came past whilst we were still in bed, a wave between boats was still possible through. She’ll have been heading to find good TV signal for the next episode of Dr Who tonight.

That's better

Mick rustled together some poached eggs and mushrooms on toast for breakfast, the gas didn’t run out today so we had runny yolks. Tilly made the most of her hour and half outside, not being seen once until she returned bang on time, just a shame we weren’t ready to push off.

Before......... and after. That's betterThe list of jobs to be done before heading off to Chipping Norton had one thing on it that couldn’t be put off any longer. Mick needed a hair cut! The choice where to have it done was his, here on a muddy towpath or in the centre of Banbury. Strangely enough he chose the muddy towpath option, fewer people to watch and no need to tidy up afterwards. It’s amazing what an extra inch of hair does to him. After 15 minutes trying to persuade all the stubborn hairs on the top of his head that they also needed to be trimmed I had my chap back.


Now we were ready to push off. Three locks back towards Banbury. We passed a couple of boats on route and quite a few walkers. The sun shone down on another lovely day to cruise. Just as well it wasn’t raining as today may be my last day cruising for a few weeks, tomorrow rehearsals start in Chipping Norton.

What a lovely day

Once moored up (securely we hope) in the middle of Banbury the rest of the day has been spent wondering how on earth I’m going to manage to get everything I need on the bus. Mick has offered to have a trip out and act as Sherpa for me. My landlady had informed me that there was a bus stop more or less outside her house, brilliant. Except the bus I’ll be on doesn’t go down her street, at all! Looks like there will be some walking with heavy bags at that end.

Mick and Tilly will be looking after Oleanna whilst I’m away, who knows Mick may even give her a rinse down if she’s lucky!

The blog will be quieter than normal. Mick may post occasionally and there will be the odd postcard from me in Chipping Norton. Normal service will resume mid November once all the ‘BOO’s’ and hisses, ‘He’s behind you! ’s have been shouted. Who knows which side of the winter stoppages we’ll be on then, we certainly don’t!

3 locks, 3.47 miles, 2 poached eggs, 4 slices of toast, 1 friend, 3 trees, 2 waving ladies, 1 glorious day, 1 Malc, 1 Dink sitting in the sun, 1 grumpy cat in Banbury, 4 bags packed, 1 ginger fit up cake baked, 1 ginger cake for Mick baked, 489 in the morning, 4 weeks of being a designer again.

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  1. Pip and Mick

    Tom , I made him look respectable again. Hopefully with all his strength still in tact to be able to single hand for the next few weeks.Thank you Jennie

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