Bored Now! 11th April

Yes we are still here!

Rain rain go away ……. oh don’t bother!

The rain falling this morning didn’t inspire us to get up and get going anywhere even though we’d made our minds up to go the long way round. We just didn’t want to get wet. So a leisurely breakfast and phone calls to Finesse took over. If Finesse were going to meet up with us in the next couple of days then we would stay put, if not then tomorrow we’ll head northwards and hope to find a suitable place to meet them.

After our calls weren’t answered I was just sending an email when Ricky called us back, he always does. A date was set for a visit from them next week, weather dependant. The weather is meant to dry up by the weekend, so fingers crossed.

Levels over the last monthStill the sameNot sure why we bothered, but we did go to have a look at the river. It seems to be stuck within a band of two inches at the moment and that two inches is still three foot too high for us to navigate down stream.

The barriers look more dangerous than the brickworkWith the river closed C&RT have taken the opportunity to do some brick work by the steps on the bottom staircase locks. Barriers surround the steps, you could still use the lock, but no one in their right mind would right now.

From the back the figures look like frumpsNew/old inflatableTreasure Island seemed to have a new inflatable on their arcade roof today (it was new to us but looked decidedly shabby like the rest of the place), a galleon ship with jolly pirates dancing and cannons. We had a walk up to Lidl for a few bits to keep us going until we reach Sainsburys in Kidderminster tomorrow then settled down on board for the rest of the afternoon.

Mick emptied the toilet and took the opportunity to measure the fan that blows away any nasty niffs. Bridget and Storm had said that the fan on Blackbird had lasted just about bang on a year, so we are wanting to get a replacement at the ready. The fan has a constant drone to it, so gets switched off at night. Mick has been looking into getting a silent one from Quiet PC.

Dipping togetherWhilst we’ve been here there have been a couple of swans coming and going. The locals have told us that they are Father and daughter, Mum was shot by someone last year. They had been wondering if an incestuous relationship would start between them. Well today I could see them bobbing their heads in unison, a sure sign of romance. Then the deed was done and they both reared up creating a heart between them, so beautiful.

A swan heartPaul. Thank you for your useful information. Your maps sound like they might be good for me. But please could you inform me as to what sort of M or m are marked here in Stourport, also the basin at Chester and at the massive field by Park Bridge on the Shroppie. Just wanting to check if your Mmms are calibrated for felines correctly. Thank you ,Tilly.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 many days in one place, 2 fair weather boaters, 1 date set, 1 river still 2 fat, 2 cheese twists, 9.2mm fan, 1 romance blossomed.