Not Even A Chink Of Opportunity. 2nd April


That's flowing somewhat!Last night it rained, this morning it rained, but then stopped. The forecast had been for plenty of rain and we’d imagined ourselves cosy inside Oleanna finding things to keep us occupied all day.

Still coming up through the dayChecking on Gauge maps we already knew we’d not be in with any chance of heading out onto the river today. The rain that fell on the Welsh hills a couple of days ago had just started to reach us, this will be followed with what has fallen today, which will be more than we had here!

P1260806smAt 12.30 pmAt 5.45 pmFor something to do we wandered down to the river for a look. Sure enough the river was flowing faster and the level board by the broad lock was having it’s numbers covered. When we first arrived the level was below 8, this morning 10 was visible and by the afternoon that had been submerged too.

Almost level withy the bottom lock when fullThe bottom narrow lock is almost redundant, the river now almost level with the chamber above.

It looks like we’re going to be here for a while, unless we give up and go the long way round.

Take my word for it, there are two red lights thereWith nothing better to do we decided to start on a box set. Earlier in the year Bridget and Storm leant us Breaking Bad, which we’ve never seen. We’d been told to stick with it and then we’d be hooked running out of battery power wanting to watch the next episode. After two episodes it is amusing and we’ll certainly keep watching. If it does start to grip us we may have to go hunting for a new electric card as we only have a couple of units left!

0 locks, 0 miles, 12 to 14” up on yesterday, 2 red lights, 1 person on the soggy rides, 1 sock sorted, 2 episodes, 1 fire left to go out.