Water Point Spies. 5th March

Nantwich Embankment to Mickley Bridge 84

Boats were on the move early today, everyone of them wanting to stop and fill with water. Jaq called us as a working pair had passed her just as she’d been about to untie and head to the water point herself. If they were going to fill up there was little point in pushing off herself. So we waited for them to come past. They didn’t, but others did who’d been moored in front of us. The tap, not being one of the quickest on the network would take some time to fill everyone’s tanks. I made use of our central heating having been on and had a shower, knowing that we’d be filling up ourselves today.


Whilst we had breakfast Mick kept peaking out of the kitchen window to see if the point was free. There being space for two boats, but only one tap, meant that once one boat had filled and pulled away, the second boat then pulled up nearer the tap and the waiting space was soon filled by another. Boats were coming from all directions and there certainly wasn’t a lull. One pulled in for a pumpout opposite us, so glad we no longer even have to think about such things.  At around 11.30am I called Jaq suggesting that she came and joined in with the waiting boats, it had already been a three hour wait!

Back to back Oleanna and ValerieBye bye Jaq

By the time more boats had passed, winded, returned Jaq came into sight over the aqueduct. Her timing turned out to be spot on as one boat was just finishing filling their tank and the other had only used the elsan. The service moorings soon became free and NB Valerie could move into pole position. We also pushed off and reversed our way to stake our claim to be next in line and what seemingly turned out to be last. Once NB Valerie’s tank was full there were hugs all round and a final wave goodbye as Jaq headed north and we were to head south. Good luck with the job hunting Jaq.

He's got a bit to clean up!

Making use of the time it would take to fill our tank we had some lunch, used the toilets, the showers were still filthy. Just as our tank started to overflow a van pulled up, the cleaners, just as we were ready for the off!

Nantwich AqueductIce floes ahead captain

Rail and road

Crossing the embankment we waved goodbye to Nantwich, we were on the move again. At most bridge holes we’d come across a collection of slabs of ice. Thankfully they would nudge out of the way quite easily leaving our blacking intact.

Narrow locks again

At Hack Green Bottom Lock a lamb came rushing over to see what was happening bleating it’s little head off. But we can’t have been that interesting as the next time I looked he was running around the field with a gang of friends. Not too much springy bedoyinging going on, maybe they needed to warm up a bit more.

The top lock was just about full and a boat was coming towards me so I topped it up and opened the gate, then signalled back to Mick to leave the gate open on the bottom lock for them. Under the Shhhhhh! Bridge past the Secret Bunker we continued on a bit further to where there were picnic benches and plenty of space for Tilly to play.

Going upMile postPesky ivyThat's an interestion viewHere is good. I have claimed four benches as mine, maybe tomorrow I’ll claim more. There is friendly cover, shallow puddles, sideways trees and a suitable tree to climb which has a very interesting view!

DSCF7114sm2 locks, 3.83 miles, 2 cards in the post, 1 reverse, 8th, 4 hour wait for water, 1 cleaner, 1 final farewell to Jaq, 4 ice fields, 3rd one placed in the safe, 2 glasses of wine on a Monday, 1 more place to fit into our cruise, 4 benches, 1 happy cat, 2 happy boaters.

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  1. Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs

    It was so wonderful to meet you both at last and spend some time with you. Maybe some day I will be able to cruise free as I please once more. For now this is a good region to maintain my life such as it is. Thank you Pip for changing the settings on your blog comments.It is a joy to be able to leave a comment for you at long last! I so enjoy reading your blog and it was frustrating to be unable to comment. Take care of each other and enjoy your journey to Gloucester. I shall travel with ou both vicariously. Love jaq xxx

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