Sorry Bridget. 9th October

Tixall Wide to Rugeley to Taft Bridge

P1150269smThe depth of the canal at Tixall was too deep again for Mick to explore the bow thruster tube so after a cooked breakfast we moved on. I can vouch for the gluten free black pudding, a little more crumbly than normal, but very tasty. A lot of the git gaps had vanished as boats had moved off before us. Prime position was available with the view straight out across to the gate house, but we were moving now.

P1150278smP1150272smTurning right at the junction we pulled in at the end of the line of moored boats above the lock. There were a few trading boats here including The Pirate Boat, owned by Heidi who we met on the Macc last January when trying to refloat the sunken boat. No-one was home, so we’ll have to say hello another time. Mick popped to the Post Office to collect a parcel of more fuses for the bow thruster and then we were on our way again.

P1150292smWe took our turn at Haywood Lock and cruised our way to Colwich Lock. This lock for us always seems to have a queue, not as bad as the queuing lock on the Middlewich Branch, but still bad. Today we were surprised as we were next into the lock and below there was not one single boat waiting. Shortly afterwards we realised that this is only the second time that we have been in this direction along this stretch, we seem to prefer heading north.

P1150307smP1150308smAs we approached Taft Bridge I went up the front so that we could pull in on the off side for diesel at Dexta. There was no sign on the roof, so maybe they didn’t have any. Mick tied up the stern as a chap walked over from the farm buildings. He had to get the keys, they’d had a delivery this morning so he’d have to pump some down to the boat if we could wait a while. This was fine, at 63p a litre we’d have waited a while longer. On his third trip back to Dexta there was enough diesel pumped down and we filled the tank.

P1150312smApproaching Bridge 68 a brightly coloured chap sat on a fence post watching us.

P1150313smHe stayed put for quite a while before darting off again into a tree. Here he sat and waited until we’d almost come level before swooping down, touching the water and doing the Heron thing of moving up a short distance hoping we wouldn’t follow.

P1150319smCertainly not shy he stayed put long enough for me to focus and take several photos at each of his perches. When he thought we’d seen enough he upped and disappeared high into the branches.

P1150322smP1150323smSorry Bridget, maybe they prefer blue boats!

P1150328smWe could have winded before Rugeley, but with a wool shop in town I wanted to have a look at what they did. So we pootled on into town, Oleanna rearing up on an underwater obstacle as we went. Mick stayed to look at the prop whilst I headed into town only to find that the shop had closed ten minutes earlier! With a mug of tea in hand each we carried on under the railway bridges to wind. We were now heading north for Christmas.

P1150336smFinding a mooring opposite Dexta we pulled in away from the noisy dog a few boats behind and let Tilly out. The fallen down tree was great to climb around, it was nice of all the birdies to welcome me with so much singing too. The depth of water was measured, around about hip height and a lowish bank. I think I know what we’ll be doing in the morning.

DSCF7114sm2 locks, 9.11 miles, 1 right, 2 winds, 1 reverse, 1 Rum Wench, 4 more fuses, 1 big house, 124 litres, 3.30pm closing time, 2 conditioners, 1 big lump under the water, 2wice found, 0 camera shy kingfisher, 2ft 6ish, 1 pair of waders coming out in the morning.

4 thoughts on “Sorry Bridget. 9th October

  1. Pip and Mick

    Hi AlfThanks for responding to this conundrum.I've spoken to the boat builder about this and he says not. The motor itself could be removed but the mechanism that drives the prop and the prop itself would still be unaccesable in the tube. If I removed that mechanism to get at the prop then there would be a hole in the tube and the bow thruster compartment would flood. I am open to suggestions, and if you feel that I could get access that way I would have a look. It's a Vetus 2475 bowthruster.By the way there is no weed hatch on the bow thruster tube.Mick



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