Magic Loop. 5th September

Ratcliffe Bridge to Wyre Aqueduct

Last night we checked out the buses to Garstang, two an hour and the ride would only take 13 minutes, yet it would cost over £6 return! As we needed to be heading towards Garstang anyway we decided to cruise there this morning instead of catching the bus.

We woke to rain and it carried on for much of the morning. The sensible thing would have been to stay put until it stopped, but my parcels were waiting at the sorting office which closes as 1.15pm. Mick heroically pushed off and cruised us into Garstang with me dry inside, Blackbird would follow us later. As soon as we’d moored up I headed into the town to pick my parcels up and do a bit of food shopping.

P1130036smThe contents of said parcels were several circular knitting needles and a set of double pointed needles. I could now continue with the top I’ve been making. This morning, whilst avoiding getting wet, surfing the internet I came across a technique of knitting with circular needles called the Magic Loop. This enables you use a much longer length of needle than required to knit small circular things like socks and gloves, even fingers and thumbs. This dispenses with the need of double pointed needles all together! I’m going to give it a try on my next project, if it works it means I’ve wasted money on the set of double pointed needles, but you live and learn.

P1130044smThis afternoon I’ve completed the sleeves of the top, with one set of circular needles and then blocked it ready to do round the neck and the button bands. This wool is really nice, I just have to be near it. It smells nice, feels nice and I really want to lie on it. There is Tilly’s endorsement for you, Hopefully someone will like the look of the top as much as Tilly does and buy it.

Mick in the meantime has been checking on places to buy diesel. Moons Bridge Marina does, not as cheap as at St Mary’s on the Rufford Branch, but it will save us an anxious crossing at the weekend. He has also tried to replace a bulb in the engine control panel that has gone. He was successful in getting to the back of it, but didn’t know whether to just pull the bulb out or twist it. So we’ve sent an email to Finesse for advice and also enquiring about the lithium batteries. As the evenings are drawing in now our current battery set up (still temporary) is struggling to meet our demands, so we are hoping that the third battery on order will arrive soon.

P1130037smAs the evenings are getting cooler Mick decided it was time to light the stove. It is autumn after all! I suspect we’ll be very toasty this evening.

DSCF7114sm0 locks, 4.55 miles, 1 wet cruise for some, 2 parcels, 0 wine boxes, 1 bulb twist or pull, 2 sleeves, 4 hours! 1 blocked top, 1 lovely place to snooze, 1 banished cat, 1 chilly afternoon, 1 stove going.