Engine on board!

18th November

Oleanna is now with engine! Well the engine is in the engine bay, not commissioned as yet.

Someone is coming to look at the worktops today or Monday.

A choice of mattress has also been made today. On our current boat we are on our second memory foam mattress as the first one wasn’t very good at remembering. But at home we have one that has stood the test of time, so we have gone with the standard memory foam mattress, the lead time is only a couple of days.

We have contacted Gary at All Season Covers to make us a cratch and pram cover for her. He is based in Bolton and our proximity to them may mean that we get covers made quicker than if we were some distance away. However he will only measure up when Oleanna is launched, so we will have sometime without covers.

Tuckeys have got back to us with a price for transportation and craning in. Our original choice of launch site would have meant a bigger crane, therefore more money. So it now looks like she will be launched in Macclesfield. Tomorrow we will cruise past on NB Lillyanne and take a look, hopefully sus out where the bubbles will be drunk too!