Dams. Breach 17.

Another update from C&RT regarding the Aire and Calder breach.

Update 26/01/2021

Despite heavy rainfall incurred by Storm Christoph the repair programme is still on track and we continue to monitor the site daily.  Following the installation of stop planks at Goole Docks last week, we set up pontoons this week and are sailing them down to site.  

Next week we will begin to install stop piles for the cofferdam (two dams across the canal) which is expected to be complete by end of February. This will then allow a full dewatering of the breach location so our teams can get on site to carry out investigations and determine the next steps in the repair programme.

Two dams, till the end of February, Blimey!

Then there has also been a navigation closure notice for a long length of the Shroppie, Ellesmere Port to the bottom of Audlem, plus Woodseaves Cutting is also closed due to a landslip. There will be lots of boats around Nantwich, where we spent Lockdown 1, hope they have enough water!

Please be advised, navigation is closed on the Shropshire Union Canal between Bridge 80, Bennetts Bridge and Ellesmere Port due to the decreasing water levels in relation to the breach between Lock 10, Wharton’s Lock and Lock 11, Beeston Iron Lock.

Whilst a sufficient water feed is being supplied at the emergency culvert works at Bridge 80, water is being lost at the breach site due to an issue with the dam in place. We are working with teams across the Shropshire Canal to steady the flow, however ultimately, pumps are needed to extract water from the River Gowy to be able to supply a sufficient feed downstream. Due to high demand in the North West, this will take 2-3 days to install.

Panto crew

Whilst we wait for more news on the breach near Goole, I have work to be getting on with. Yesterday there was a zoom meeting for Chippy Panto. It was lovely to see everyone’s faces and talk about a new show. I’d put together the start of a white card model and storyboard and Helen the Costume Designer had some initial sketches for us all to look at. Here’s hoping the world is recovered enough for there to be full blown pantos to cheer us all up next winter.


I also have to think about boats for another project. Well that’s easy. But these are a touch smaller than normal and have sails, they also require some creative thinking. So that will keep me busy for a while.

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 month, 2 cofferdams, 1 leaky dam, 32 miles of Shropie closed, +0.75 miles, 2 routes out of Scarborough, 1 to Malton and York, 1 to Bridlington and Hull, 6 creatives and producers, 1 basic model box, 2 origami boats, 1 breakfast photo, 1 cat wanting a woofer free hour in the park a day.

A special request for Ade, bacon and sausages, but no tomatoes!

1 thought on “Dams. Breach 17.

  1. adrian2013

    Lovely looking breakfast that, we didn’t have tomatoes or beans this morning though!
    Only get to do one on a treat day of which today was one such day.
    Thanks for the mention and the photo.
    Lovely grub… someone used to say!



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